On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Yamaha R-N803BL is a more popular home theater receiver, based on its 40+ reviews… It’s more expensive, and if it’s not significantly better I will probably choose the Yamaha. Twee van de vier zijn bovendien voorzien van een analoge uitgang. Yamaha RX-1100U Stereo Receiver review. On my old reciever Panasonic I can set up “small” or “large” speakers, but in this receiver I cannot find nothing similar! I really think there’s an issue the analog build-in amp with my receiver… Not only the sound level is much much lower but it also seem muffled… You didn’t experience the same problem during your tests? i think the Rn602 is weak for Ns777, already i have them but i think Rn602 is weak for these speaker. Thank You Paul for your excellent review and feedback re the comment section. Where they have Dynavoice don’t have Q Acoustics 3020. I am considering a budget around +/- 600 Dollars. A dedicated receiver is maybe what you’re looking for? Al snel blijkt de volumeregeling via de app niet echt prettig te werken. I hope that lot will be of some help. I’m afraid I have not, sorry Joao. Is this the best solution or is there an alternative? I tried with all other digital sources, cd player etc… and they pretty have all the same sound level. Hier dus ook de bijzonder fraaie AMT ribbon tweeter die veelal wordt toegepast in duurdere speakers. If you haven’t already got them, look to get speaker stands and shelving your the turntable/amps. Hi Paul, I was wondering if this receiver is good in combination with the Yamaha 2700 soundbar. Sadly the amp hummed and died. Get a Rega Fono phono-amp for around £90 from Amazon. Also, check the connection between the headphone cable and the headphone cups. PrijzenAudiovector QR3 € 949,- per stukYamaha R-N602 € 699,-, Audiovector - Top HifiTel: 06-33892644 | www.tophifi.nl. Let me have a chat with Yamaha about this one Assaf and get back to you…, This is from Yamaha’s tech dept, Assaf: “This can be down quite a few devices, this can be down to the router, NAS drive or the software used, a quick test is to try another make of music server software, does this seem any quicker, also having the NAS directly connected to the router rather than a network switch. Bekijk en vergelijk Versterkers en receivers, zoals de Yamaha R-N602. Living In Another World zit vol met kleine geluidjes in de mix en zijn perfect hoorbaar. thanks for your review. WiFi streaming can be done trough an external Chromecast Audio is my opinion, or am I wrong here? No matter what type or brand. This will provide a good start and a solid vinyl base. For a stereo system, Onkyo units feature a good amp module. Daaronder nog een subwoofer uitgang. Nu duidelijk is dat de vloerstaande QR3 over alle pluspunten van de QR1 monitor luidspreker beschikt, exact dezelfde levendige weergave kent en daar met de extra woofer een dieper doorlopend laag aan toevoegt, wordt het tijd voor de volgende stap. So I need to find best standfloor or shelf for 350GPB for my ~40 square meters room. I quite like the Missions. What is your opinion? Hi Paul, i’m currently replacing my aging stereo system, and i’m divided by the Yamaha R-N602 and the pricier Yamaha RN803D, which costs around 200 euros more. Records sound excellent and I’m loving the spotify integration. The crossover on our R-N602 is set to 90Hz.”, Hello I see this unit is available in silver, bit I find it. Tijd om eens te gaan luisteren wat de set in huis heeft. Ofcourse another question is how to get it configured in the best possible way. Hello Paul, really helpful review on the R-N602. And Firstly, the bass was very strong and punchy. When I plugged my Akai turntable in, I noticed a HUGE sound level gap between the analog and digital (spotify). Beide stemmen klinken vloeiend, smooth en met een tikje warmte. but do I use optical input or analog input? Three things hit me immediately. How about Marantz M-CR611? I have an old pair of Technics 1210s record players which I have connected to a mixer and I would like play my music to a connected wireless system such as musiccast. I’m guessing they’re primarily designed for portable devices as they’re 3.5mm so I’m having to plug them into a 1/4″ adaptor – possibly the issue?