RRP £49.99. Sort by. Wilkinson Vibrato ~ Chrome. We do not ask you to clamp at the nut, cut off a ball end, we do not ask you to put up with fine tuners..... even though we don't ask you to do all these things we do manage to keep you in tune as good as anything else on the market. This bridge has a vintage feel, look, style, function but locks - not so backwards I feel. This new Trevor Wilkinson bridge system is a drop in replacement for the classic Gotoh 510 two-post bridge system, and Pete Thorn has been using a prototype for around six months on his Suhr signature model guitar. A selection of hard wearing, tone-filled bridge and vibratos, designed to enhance your performance - not hamper it. Saddles are steel and heat treated for zero wear at the intonation point, they adjust like any regular saddle for intonation and string height adjustment. Unlike any other locking saddle available today, the string is locked directly at the intonation point where the string leaves the saddle. Wilkinson Bridges. During the video that Pete posted online he goes over its design and how Trev Wilkinson gave one to him a the NAMM show to try out. It’s so simple yet so elegant. All we ask you to do is one simple locking mechanism on the saddle. Item Code: WVCR.