If you are unsure of the size of ottoman you need to suit you bed, then take a look at this handy chart. For instance, if you know you haven’t bought that white couch you’ve admired for years because it would end up with marker, juice, dirt, and other stains from your kids, don’t pick a white ottoman because the same may happen to it. If your sofa is on the smaller side, a huge ottoman would dwarf it and look odd. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); Wide models can comfortably stand before a sofa, while some large circular pieces can stand with several chairs in orbit, as a conversation centerpiece. 14 of the most Lovable Pouffe Ottomans on the Web! It is a reasonably large […]. to a great toy storage box for your kids bedroom, Before shopping for an ottoman, decide whether you want to use it as a coffee table, to sit at the end of a sectional, or to fit in front of your sofa. A sofas can be one of your biggest furniture investments -- both financially and in the impact it … FREE Shipping. All the best, So I have searched high and low throughout the internet, leaving no […], what is a pouf ottoman you ask! On the flip side, if you wanted to keep your black color scheme going but you think your living room looks a bit flat, pick an ottoman that’s black but covered with a faux fur. Once you have established what kind of ottoman you are after, and have a rough idea of where you want to put it, the next step is to revisit your space, measuring tape in hand, and double check all of your dimensions. As far as size of an ottoman in relation to the sofa, I'd say to follow the same guidelines as with finding the "right" size coffee table..... - Approximately 2/3 of the length of the sofa and probably no longer than 3/4 of sofa length (so around 64-72"....probably can be ok at 60" too). _g1.classList.remove('lazyload'); The standard ottoman size is a bit of a myth, as they come in all shapes and sizes! How to Choose the Perfect Ottoman for Your Sofa. For instance, if you have a brown contemporary sectional, choosing an ottoman that’s rust red and contemporary would work if you want to keep the same decor style. 99. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Let’s say you have a black leather sofa in a living room that has other black furniture and a black TV stand. Enjoy my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions! try { This is where many people get caught up when shopping for ottomans, because it’s not enough to simply pick out a model that you think looks good on its own. Really, an ottoman is just a large padded or upholstered stool or bench. A coffee table should be chosen in a proper proportion for the size of the room and the sofa in front of which it stands. Fionnuala. link to 20 Gorgeous Accent chairs with Ottomans included! On the other hand, if your ottoman will be used for seating, it’s best that it match the height of your sofa and be comprised of the same material. Elevating your legs has many health benefits as you can read in this article: If your ottoman is taller than your sofa it will allow your legs to drain back any excess fluid that builds up after a long day on your feet. If you think a long, rectangular ottoman is right for your space, but you are reluctant because of the bulk, consider buying a pair of svelte square ottomans or a trio of cube ottomans. A large square room would look strange with a small, delicate oval glass-topped coffee table, just as a small room would be cramped with a large, heavy, dark-painted square coffee table. In general, there is absolutely no problem in elevating your legs above the level of you sofa / couch. There are also ottomans shaped like hemispheres that tend to work well for propping up feet and adding more seating at the end of a sofa. Leather also cleans up well. The average height for a lounge chair is about 16″ high. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { In the above example, to give the room a more transitional feel instead of a contemporary one, the right ottoman for the brown sofa may be a traditional style ottoman with a floral print. It's a perfect piece to use in front of a sofa, as its soft-top offers comfort for legs, the upholstery fabric contributes color and texture to the room, and the large flat top is ideal for placing a tray or books. To avoid tripping over an ottoman, consider the size of the room and the size of an ottoman before purchasing one to go with a chair or sofa. The standard ottoman size is a bit of a myth, as they come in all shapes and sizes! When it comes to the living room, choosing the right ottoman can drastically change the look of a space. var _g1; This allows you to pull them apart to be useful at either end or pushed together to easily get to the sofa. Just like the large ottomans, such ottoman can be small coffee tables where you can place two cups of coffee modestly. var _g1; 5. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset'));