MoleMax skin cancer detection is being used by many centres around the world. "Molemax HD has been a valuable asset to my skin cancer practice. … Not only is the image quality superb but it improves my workflow with its efficient record keeping. MoleMax™ was the first integrated Digital Epiluminescence System for digital epiluminescence microscopy and macro imaging in the world. MoleMax™ was the first digital epiluminescence microscopy (dermatoscopy) system developed in cooperation with medical faculty Department of Dermatology of the Medical University of Vienna. The MoleMax system enables the doctor to visually compare the images from the current year against the images taken from one or more prior years, searching for changes in your individual lesions, or … Because I have an irrigation well, I’m able to water my lawn all summer long and keep the soil moist. Reviewed in the United States on September 6, 2012 I put down two 10 lb. Molemax is effective for 30 to 75 days, depending on soil type and rainfall For convenience, Mole Max is premixed in a handy hose-end sprayer One quart treats 10,000 square feet She wants to spread it around her barn and her house and that is where the horse grazes (the barn area) and the dogs dig (around the foundation of the house, probably looking for the voles :) . Like a lot of guys, I take great pride in my lawn. Simple clinical and overview imaging makes trending and monitoring an easy task. bags of MoleMax, concentrating most of it in the highest areas of mole activity. 1.0 out of 5 stars MoleMax is worthless! I like it green, flat, fertilized, and weed-free. It is currently owned and distributed by DermaMedicalSystems MoleMax Plus is a software package for dermoscopy which was developed for diagnostic processing with digital cameras. It was jointly developed with dermatologists and clinics for use in dermatological practice. The touch screen is a must addition for ease and speed of use. Will MoleMax (made primarily from Castor Bean plants and water) harm the animals? Bonide MoleMax Mole and Vole Repellent Granules By Elizabeth on 01/24/2020 I have used this product several times over the years and it is an effective deterrent if used properly.