Even if you’re trying to grow it out, regularly trimming your tresses won’t slow growth and will help to prevent split ends. Chemicals used to lighten up hair are one of the causes of split ends. Baby Split: This has all of the makings of a soon-to-be split end, but the hair shaft hasn’t completely separated yet. If your body is dehydrated, malnourished, or protein-deficient, your hair will be too, and thus more susceptible to split ends. The Knot: A problem common among curly-haired girls, the knot isn’t a split end, but it can lead to more tangles. Using hard water to wash your hair (water that contains too much chlorine will cause color to wash out and also cause the ends to split). Hair that is hydrated from the inside out will last longer against environmental damage. Triple Split: If your hair is separating into three pieces, you’re dealing with a triple split. If you don’t protect your hair with a product first, a blow dryer can severely damage your hair, which causes split ends. Once a hair strand splits at the end, the damage will only progress. Stripping the hair of its natural colour means that you are also weakening it. You may even find many little knots on one strand and that spells bad news for that strand. Remember that split ends develop slowly as incremental damage builds up over time. Friction. ; Ponytail Holders. Your hair grows from the root, so the end is the oldest part of your hair. I learned how to create head wraps so well that Africans stop me and try to converse, because they think I am from their country! If you decide to trim them yourself, be sure to use sharp hair shears, leaving a clean cut that won’t immediately begin to fray again. Not to mention, the end is the most exposed and vulnerable part of your hair. If you have long hair and your locks are considerably damaged, consider a fresh new style like the trendy lob. First, lay off the hot styling tools. Your diet, the water your drink, and the overall health of your body impact the strength of your hair. We are dedicated to bringing you helpful and informative tips that help you take the best care of your natural hair. This is typically due to excessive heat styling or chemicals. Split ends are the result of damaged hair where the tips of your hair shaft begin to split and fray. Wind, cold, heat, sun, dry climates, humid climates… it seems like no matter what the weather, it takes a toll on your hair. Wind, cold, heat, sun, dry climates, humid climates… it seems like no matter what the weather, it takes a toll on your hair. Subscribe now and thank us later. You can prevent split ends (and even prolong the time you need to take between trims) if you take good care of your hair! makes a great argan oil heat protectant that can coat your hair and prevent split ends. Physical damage and manipulation. Here are some of the most common: Hot tools zap your hair’s natural moisture, leaving your locks brittle and susceptible to breakage. Over time, daily wear and tear on your hair will degrade and wear down the hair cuticle, exposing the inner cortex. If your goal is growth, you won’t be forced into rocking a bob! I came from a family of women who all had long thick healthy hair. September 26, 2020; Natural wellness; 0 Comments; It will be flat by the next morning. It's very important to keep your... At NaturAll, we stand by the belief that consistency is key. Here’s How and Why Your Hair Texture Changes as You Age, 12 Most Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women, Everything You Need to Know About Hair Toppers for Women, What a Hair Mineral Analysis Test Can Reveal About Your Health, 20 Hair-Accessory Shops on Instagram for Major Hair Inspiration, A Trauma Coach Discusses Breakup Haircuts and Accepting Ourselves. White Spots: Severe chemical burns can cause visible white spots you’ll see in your hair shafts. Right Angle: This is where the hair begins to bend at an angle. This causes tangles and-you guessed it-more split ends. Using harsh shampoos or too much serum and styling gels too frequently. Protecting your hair while in the sun by wearing hats, hair scarves or leave-in SPF treatments that can be applied to the scalp. Less maintainance = less damage. Environment. Doubly Y Split: This is where the strand has separated in two and then split again off of one of the branches. In general, split ends can impact the look of your hair and, left unmanaged, cause hair damage over the long term. Nourish and strengthen your hair with deep conditioning treatments every 1-2 weeks. We recommend NaturAll Club’s all-natural products, especially our, Customize Your Hot Oil Treatment With NaturAll, How to Care for Your Natural Hair This Winter. So is it any wonder that your ends can’t last forever? Hats, scarves, and sweaters accelerate the develop of split ends, as do cotton pillowcases and towels. I have split ends, I ignore them. Next up, 7 awesome ways to prevent split ends of natural hair. I mean hair growing down to the waistline, and we are women of color. If you’re transitioning into natural hair, you’ll find that your ends are the most prone to breakage. Deep Split: The hair has split in two with the “Y” high on the shaft. The most effective way to do this is to maintain your hair with regular cuts, at least every six weeks. Rebonding. If your body is dehydrated, malnourished, or protein-deficient, your hair will be too, and thus more susceptible to split ends. Heat damage from curling, straightening or blow drying your hair. You need to cut them off. This is where your hair ends have split multiple times, resembling that of a tree branch or a feather. Use protective or low-maintenance styles, especially in the winter, to protect your ends. Left untouched, a split end will continue to split all the way up the hair shaft, damaging the entire strand beyond repair. :( I have been having a lot of dandruff too.I also don’t want to trim my hair more ;( (I love long hair). Be gentle after washing your hair. It may work better than other products but again, you need to remove the split ends for a permanent solution. We hope these tips were helpful! The split end might look small on its own, but split ends throughout your hair make your ends look frizzy, scraggly, and unhealthy. We are safe. Tree and feathered split ends. Chemically treating your tresses, like highlighting, Bayalage and professional straightening treatments, can also wreak havoc on your locks. How many cold, windy, dry, and humid days have they seen? When this is missing, you get the snack, crackle and pop effect. Your hair is not alive, so it can’t heal like a cut on your skin. I had my head shaved! There is actually a variety of different factors that can damage your hair. And if you frequently style your hair in wash 'n gos, afros, puffs, or styles that expose your ends to the environment, this accelerates the damage. I’ve been following all your tips and been having little to no improvement. This includes styling, brushing, detangling, handling and touching your hair, all of which break down the cuticle little by little. My hair remains 28 inches long and is healthier than almost everyone I know. But they also end up sucking the natural moisture out of hair follicles, leaving your locks dry and brittle. Excessive heat causes extreme damage to ends that are already stressed by other factors. If your locks are starting to tangle often, you probably have split ends. Just follow these tips on how to prevent split ends and be kind and gentle to your locks! Here are a few other options to consider: Your hairstylist will be able to recommend a haircut for your face shape and lifestyle that will best suit you and take care of your damaged ends. Plus, even if split ends could be bound back together, split ends are a sign that the ends of your hair are unhealthy.