Thai. Dishes include vegan meat … Thai Garlic Chives Cake. The International Vegan May 23, 2016. Discover a whole new world of tasty food in our Tradivegan cookbook. By Kaitlyn Miklinevich. We are owners of a vegan street food business based in the UK called Seitan’s Kebab . 5 Vegan Dishes from Around the World Last updated on June 27, 2018 By Kate Kasbee 1 Comment One of the main reasons why many people adopt a vegan meal plan and give up shortly thereafter is because they frame the word “vegan” in terms of what they can’t eat. All Recipes are 100% Vegan . Delicious Vegetarian Recipes from Thailand, India, China, Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Greece and many more coming. Vegan Recipes from around the World . This is a delicious and healthy thai snack. A steamed cake made of Garlic chives and Rice Flour. ... it comes as no surprise that there are a few inherently vegan recipes. Real and authentic traditional vegan meals from all around the world. Our aim is to create vegan dishes from every country in the world – follow us throughout our journey! Global Vegan: Traditionally Vegan Dishes From Around the World 12.7K Views 9 years ago. We believe in the power of traditions, because if a recipe has been passing around and improved generation after generation, it must mean it's either good, healthy, easy, delicious or really nutritious. … Discover endless world vegan recipes from every continent around the world and put your cooking skills to the test.