Superman is known to have psychic power but never uses them. Do not be insulting or derogatory towards others under any circumstances, and don't resort to ad hominem attacks. Btw flash can think in less than an attosecond( think about it, Superman is capable of the same.) Beerus danced around Goku's SSJ3 like he wasn't moving and downed him in two shots. Either Goku excedes his dimensional barrier and shook something that can't bee shook and is himself a paradox. Is this even a debate. The DC universe is like the big guys from them WWE, while DB universe is more like Olympians and MMA fighters. I'll explain my side in the comments. He can breath in space, goku cannot. Cosmic Thor vs Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman Prime One Million: The comic books, as well as the anime and manga industries, have churned out one overpowered superhero after another. Usain can travel faster and most likely bench press more, but he wouldn't scratch Bruce Lee in a fight. With Super Saiyan God Goku managed to keep up with a suppressed Beerus. Thor is one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and after recent developments, is probably the strongest Superhero to ever exist in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Do you guys really thing. Goku would have had much training time to further progress the strength of his SSJ3 form. I hate all anime, and have only seen a few clips from Dragon Ball. You are indeed where you belong. We know for a fact that the DBZ universe is a Macrocosm because it is stated officially to be three universes big. While using his max 20x Kaikoken in Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, Goku was humiliated by Jiren. description Re: Superman Prime One million vs Ultra Instinto Goku em 26/12/2017, 21:19. more_horiz. The World of Void isn't actually void. goku ultra instinct mastered vs superman Dragon Ball FighterZ PlayStation 4 . Goku is a martial artist. That said, he'd still beat Superman Prime, but you don't need to do these mental gymnastics to prove it. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Goku in SSJ3 Shook Earth by simply powering up. SPOM created a universe, remade Krypton, and made Lois Lane immortal. And that wasn't mastered UI, his reactions are almost certainly ftl, as people have done mental gymnastics to prove he was ftl at EoZ, and he is at least 100x that level now (assuming blue is only double ssj3 and kaioken x20 is applied. Ultra Instinct Goku. Casual. He’s wayyyyyyy above the speed of light.. which flash meets but ive never really seen him exceed. We can assume that SSGSS gives a substantial boost to SSG. UI Goku handled a character that bitch slapped his SSGSS Kx20. Team Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Team Superman Prime One-Million # Team Goku (Ultra Instinct) @Sora, yes Dragon Ball characters do have that level of power via scaling, because unlike Marvel and DC, Dragon Ball is liner meaning it continues to increase as the show goes on so by scaling they are that powerful. Honestly, Goku probably takes this by a long shot. So either every single source and direct statements in the show and Manga are incorrect, or Goku shook an infinite paradox. Oh yeah, one more thing, that was just a yellow sun... imagine a blue one. In real science, a kilonova aftermath ripples the very fabric of spacetime traveling infinitely. SSGSS Goku has been shown to be Universal, or at least very low universal. Yeah. The battle goes until there is a knockout. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Nintendo Switch PC Xbox One. Team Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Team Superman Prime One-Million # Team Superman Prime One-Million Dude, Darkseid and Thanos solo so badly it's not even fair. If it was actually void, there wouldn't be anything there. That's just its name. Also, had to balance out the fight. Box III & Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Superman Prime One-Million. At that point, Superman would just wait until Goku, as I’ve always seen him from a kid up to my 23yr old self, revert back to his normal form which he has done on numerous occasions not being able to finish battles ( cell, freza, gold freza + the fact he had to ask to reverse time because he failed the first time, and now jiren with the help of gold freza and android 17.) You literally need to be infinite in time to even be fourth dimensional. Goku's new Ultra Instinct form is literally breaking the laws of physics dude. Even though the man of steel is tough, UI seems tougher. Creation of LL was very vague. When we first see Ultra Instinct Goku is using it in the "World of Void" Well, a void is literally nothing, and considering the context of the fight, it is probably exactly nothing, outside of space-time. The arena is the infinite "Void" that we see now in DBS. His mastery simply allows permanent use of it unless KOed. Now, I'm just gonna say this once and one only: Neither Goku nor Superman have "infinite strength", and UI Goku isn't "Fourth Dimensional". Who will win in a fight between Box III & Goku (Ultra Instinct) and Superman Prime One-Million? Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. I'd say SSJB Goku would be a better match for SPOM, but I'd say Supes would take that fight. Power-Wise, even prior to mastering Ultra-Instinct he could still trade blows with Jiren and perhaps more Impressively, Ultra-Instinct itself is a state that not even Gods can easily obtain and they fear. Superman hits 4K and counting.. the DC universe is huge...there’s universe, on universe, on alt universes, a dark universe that also has all the universes like it’s counterpart universe , alt time lines, possibilities, and realms that exist as its own entity of space amongst the DC universe. His body reacts on its own. HES HELD A BLACK HOLE IN HIS HANDS PEOPLE. While a fight between SSJB Goku and regular Superman would closer than lots of people think (no character inherently "stomps" the other), UI Goku VS SPOM is a completely different song sung. Win awesome prizes! Who will win in a fight between Goku (Ultra Instinct) and Superman Prime One-Million? Yes a macrocosm. Those are your options. Clans: Or Goku shook infinite nothing and therefor shook a paradox, which would still make him a paradox.