Quick & easy tips for making ultra-delicious quinoa recipes! All drizzled with a minty honey-lime dressing. It’s almost like adding sunflower seeds or something but with a heartier flavor . Again, perfection. Your email address will not be published. It’s happening. Cool slightly. Ingredients: 6 C Fresh Spinach. Kind of perfect. Sounds wonderful! Toast it in a dry skillet, tossing it around constantly until it's fragrant and popping. Amounts listed below yield one big, dinner-sized serving of salad… Probably the best salad we’ve ever eaten! Today felt like a good day to post a fresh, spring, Strawberry Spinach Quinoa Salad! Place all dressing ingredients into a blender and blend on high until smooth. Try it! It’s nice to meet you! Made this for dinner tonight and it was out of this world! I was so in love with the flavors of this salad that I actually it brought over to a friend’s house for dinner the next day. This spinach quinoa strawberry salad is perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t want to use your stove or oven. This delicious strawberry spinach salad is made with toasted quinoa and chopped almonds, then topped with a fresh honey-lime + mint dressing. Strawberries + spinach + almonds + toasted quinoa. Home Test Kitchen Cooking with Gear & Gadgets, We make quinoa with spinach and strawberries year-round, but it's most fun when we go to the farmers market to get the season’s first berries. Oh it totally does! cooled (check out this post for a tutorial). Spinach, Strawberry & Quinoa Salad 5 Secrets to Cooking with Quinoa: download now. With a week’s worth of simple and healthy meals, Eat Clean will help you see just how easy living a life full of whole foods can be. This delicious strawberry spinach salad is made with toasted quinoa and chopped almonds, then topped with a fresh honey-lime + mint dressing. Bet it adds really nice texture and crunch. It would be amazing with grilled chicken or roasted chickpeas. Highly unlikely. We love sharing what you make with the community. This strawberry spinach quinoa salad has been one of my favorite ways to enjoy the berries (also strawberry rhubarb banana bread– recipe hopefully coming soon!). 1 C Quinoa, cooked and cooled (I cooked using chicken broth instead of water, adds more I love the crunchy toasted quinoa! This is pretty much the ultimate summertime salad. In a large bowl, add spinach and top with strawberries, almonds and quinoa. And then on top of some spinach, tossed with some crunchy nuts and toasted quinoa? Serve immediately or store in the fridge for up to two hours before serving. BUT it totally happened. 2 C Sliced fresh Strawberries. Thank you!! I made extra toasted quinoa to use in the Totally Addicting Vegetarian Kale Salad tomorrow night! So much goodness is happening in this bowl. Thank goodness for farmer’s markets. xo. New tips for making ultra-delicious quinoa dishes! My hope is that you will find inspiration here on SQ – in my story, in my recipes, in the hundreds of wellness articles, and in our amazing community. This Strawberry Spinach Quinoa Salad is a delicious and healthy salad to make this spring and summer! I’m adding it to everything Let me know how you like the kale salad – it’s one of my faves!! Spinach Quinoa Strawberry Salad W/Balsamic Glaze Dressing. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Your email address will not be published. We will encourage you, inspire you and support you every step of the way. This salad is gluten free! Fun fact: picking strawberries used to be one of my favorite summer activities, but now that we live in NYC…strawberry fields are not so plentiful. Pretty much sums up everything I love about summer in one giant salad. It can be served as a side dish or even spruced up as a main course by adding in your favorite protein. This is a community that celebrates your own unique health journey, no matter where you are on your path. Over anything in this whole dish, it’s the dressing that really makes this salad shine.