With its characteristic flicker, the phial is hard to miss. NY 10036. Black Friday game deals: see all the best offers right now! There was a problem. Tony lives in Maryland, where he writes about those good old fashioned video games for GamesRadar+. Check inside for this phial of infusion on the roll-top desk. There is a locked door (requiring 3 lockpicks) between the two sets of stairs that led to the power switches on her torture machine. Players need to use the sky-line at the Monument Island Gateway to access a guardroom where the... Battleship Bay. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can grab this Infusion through the bars inside. As you journey and battle your way around Columbia, you're going to rely heavily on your health, shields, and salts to get you through – the good news is you can boost Booker's levels of those three qualities by consuming BioShock Infinite Infusions. You may want to do this after you deal with the motorized patriot. Open the door to the doctor's office and claim the phial. Receive news and offers from our other brands? On this page of the guide to BioShock Infinite you will find most important information about infusions / essences. It is unknown how these fit into the Bioshock universe. Over here is a locked door Elizabeth can pick. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You will learn what infusions are, what is their main application, and how you should use them. Requires the Code Book (Downtown Emporia) from Hudson's in Downtown Emporia. You'll find this Infusion on a side table inside. You'll find an Infusion back here. If you want to push your stats to the limit, follow our guide to all of the BioShock Infinite Infusion locations and you'll be stronger than ever! A destroyed Cornelius Slate statue will be in this workshop. The first infusion you'll receive is called shield. Check the whole office and you will see it easily. Once you enter the main building, head left. The Code Book from the Good Time Club lets you solve the puzzle room in the Plaza of Zeal. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The key is found near the second Infusion. Visit our corporate site. On the skyrail tutorial, make a stop at the first blue-lit platform (labelled "Monument Tower Maintenance") on the lowest part of the skyrail. On the street in Shanty Town, there are two ruffians who are robbing some homeless people. After crashing through the roof into the bedroom, follow the stairs and hallway. You will receive a verification email shortly. After Elizabeth cracks the hairpin lock in Prosperity Plaza, there is a locked gate (requring 3 lockpicks) with a phial of infusion in the area it blocks off. You'll find an Infusion on a desk. In the Impound Building's second floor, the room just past the Medical Kits tear has a phial in the locked chest by the voxophone. Enter the room they came from and head to the back. There are two doors in this hall that lead to a jail cell area. There are a total of 24 Infusions scattered throughout Columbia and an additional 5 if the player purchased the BioShock Infinite Season Pass. After encountering the Zealots, you'll find this power up at the altar in the center of the room. Comstock Center Rooftops. After you locate some lockpicks for Elizabeth to use, she can open the locked door in the Welcome Hall for this phial. Lansdowne Residence - Infusion #1. Please refresh the page and try again. Furthermore, the attributes the player decides to focus on will affect their gameplay to varying degrees, … On a desk about the First Lady Zeppelin, before you take off with Elizabeth for "Paris.". MikeH7186 7 years ago #1. Just want to get an opinion that I might have overlooked. Monument Tower. Behind the locked door (locked by 1 lockpick). Note that the five bonus phials of infusion in the Early Bird Special Pack (see: DLC) are not included in this total. Wilson Bros. & Company Bottling Works (red awning store past Hudson's clothing boutique) has a phial of infusion in the window. Change the time on the wall clock and pick up this phial in the hidden safe. Each of these magical bottles you find will let you choose one ability and let you upgrade it a maximum of ten times, so finding all of them will really give you a competitive edge over your enemies, as well as unlocking the "Infused with Greatness" trophy or achievement in the process. When fighting Slate's men in the Courtyard, face the message on the wall that reads "We deserve a soldier's death" -- and turn 90° left. Kill both and check the crate behind them for a phial. You may need to have Elizabeth open the basement first so you can find some more lockpicks first. Now you'll be able to backtrack to the locked chest and grab Infusion #1. BioShock Infinite; Which infusions are "best" User Info: MikeH7186. Walk past the blocked elevators and keep left to find a locked door. Head to the back right to find the bathrooms. (24 in the regular game + 5 from the DLC). At the Fraternal Order of the Raven's main chapel, look for a phial of infusion on the main altar, right next to the key to the Lansdowne Residence chest. Current page: In the Comstock Statue room where Booker is ambushed by some enemies, enter the workshop where the enemies came from to find this phial stored in the back. Find the Code Book for the Hall of Heroes and open the secret room in The Fellow Traveler. The phial is inside, next to a "Free Sample" sign. The code book is found in the cannon on the ground floor of Patriot's Pavilion.