Sharon stated that the delivery people were contractors and would not remove the bed. The pros: Mid-grade mattress materials and lots of variety of designs. We purchased an eastern king mattress with and adjustable bed frame and he gave us an amazing deal. Spink & Edgar are higher end luxury mattresses that go for a higher pricepoint than many budget options or online brands. The mattress cover does not. Purchased a foam mattress with adjustable base and headboard. Woodland Told MR. Smith what we were looking for and he showed us some beds. I recommend seeing him for any of your mattress needs! Hands down the best service i could have asked for and i walked away feeling like i made the right purchase!! I was greeted by Doug, a manager at the store. I came into sit n sleep thinking I was going to buy a bed in a box. Shop local with us and get a much better value and superior customer service than at any of the box stores. Trish was polite and professional. She helped us find the perfect one to suit both of our needs. So there. No attitudes in addition to saving $$$.You lost my business, I will never return. I got about $2500 off and only had to pay around $600 for an extremely amazing mattress which was tailored to fit my sleep style.Best place to get a mattress in LA! She was very friendly and super helpful.She put us in this machine they have to match us up with the type of mattress we needed for the both of us. The Technogel mattresses run expensive and are higher end, but for those that have back issues and need something cooler, they are well rated. I called up and talked with the customer service rep KEVIN YOUNG. Most customers can find what they want, especially with their mattress match system that is available in some retail locations. Even though I told him my limit was a $1000, he got me out the door for around $850 instead of trying to get every dollar he could out of me, and I appreciated that. Ask for him! Had an amazing experience at Sit 'n Sleep! After less than 3 years we noticed a crazy dip in the mattress. We just purchased our new mattress from Sit 'n Sleep and we couldn't be happier. I called customer service back and they told me that my new mattress was the same as my old one and that I just have to get used to it. We were not told this when we placed the order that delivery times were dependent on location of deliveries. Thanks Sit N Sleep! I went to Sit 'n Sleep last Saturday, in hopes of finding a mattress that would help to alleviate my tired, aching back. One stop shop for all your dreamy needs. One thing I disliked about the whole experience (the afterthought after I left to think about it) was that she took me directly to a few of the more expensive ones, and also let me try out the adjustable beds. After a week of sleeping on our mattress I can say I've had the best sleep in years. The cons: Problems with complaints about longevity and durability. Definitely come check this place out if you're in the market for a new bed or mattress. We hadn't bought a mattress for years and needed lots of help. As soon as my husband and I walked in we were greeted and immediately attended to by Jennifer Cho. Thus, when I tried the other cheaper ones, I was always comparing to that most expensive one. Sit 'n Sleep is one of the most popular mattress retailers in Southern California with 38 superstore locations across the region. Great salesman too! I apologize I did not know that I was posting to a different location. We were planning on shopping around several stores, but we didn't need to because we found everything we wanted at Sit 'n Sleep!The manager, Doug, greeted us warmly right when we walked in the store. Aireloom is one of the highest priced luxury mattresses available in retail stores across the US. We waited few minutes but we did not mind. For the price, this is not something you'll want to be concerned about. He guided us to the correct mattress and stayed within our budget. Picked one,paid and got delivered 2 days later. They were incredibly courteous and friendly. I walked away with much more than I thought I could afford, including sheets, pillows and an amazing top of the line mattress. There are a million models, no one wants to spend too much money, and your income requires you to upsell.AND, what a trash experience this evening. F is for Fantastic Fred :o)I went in for a good foam mattress and tried about 8 of them. Awesome!! How can a store in Laguna Hills NOT offer to remove the current bed? If anyone is thinking of purchasing a mattress, I recommend Iterling at Sit n Sleep. Hos os finder du et stort udvalg af kvalitets møbler og interiør i alle prisklasser. This was my first time visiting a Sit 'n Sleep and I didn't know what to expect. Went to the mattress store across the street and purchased our mattress there instead. The cons: Some issues with durability long term. There are some that had problems with longevity problems with these mattresses. I always loved sleeping on soft beds, however, apparently I was in need of a very firm mattress while the gf needed something a little less firm.So from that point Michael started showing us all the types of mattresses at different price points that could best suit our need as far as firmness goes. She was able to work with me to get my a delivery and mattress exchange. Thank you so much! The store is nice also and has a lot of different options to help you find what you would be looking for.