It certainly was a different feel back then! In those days, the emphasis was on building an athletic, healthy and functionally strong … Yet he earned three Mr. Olympia titles and is one of the few men to snatch a victory from Arnold. We’re glad to hear it brought you back to the Golden Era of bodybuilding! See more ideas about Bodybuilding, Fitness motivation, Bodybuilders. (Also Known As) The Silver Era of Bodybuilding. The Old-School Bodybuilder was a completely different breed to the monstrous figures which take to Mr Olympia stage today. 1 Why Golden Era Bodybuilders Looked Better; 2 Different “Supplements” 3 No HGH, No Gut; 4 Lower Dosages; 5 Different Training Philosophy; 6 Old School … And while the bodybuilders of this era were perfect genetic specimens with eye-popping, comic book proportions, their physiques seemed obtainable to the average person. Keep it Old School! In an era before steroids, high volume workouts and the Weider publishing empire, champion bodybuilders such as Reg Park, Peary Rader and Steve Reeves built their physiques by adopting full body routines and working as hard as possible on a limited number of basic compound movements every session. These guys put just as much emphasis on health, vitality and well being as they did on training to increase muscle size. Reply. Contents. A large part of Zane's appeal is tied to his physique. Pumping and tanning simultaneously in the land of opportunity, what a life. Unlike today's 250-300-pound bodybuilding champions, Zane never tipped the scales at more than 200 pounds in his competitive prime. Eugene’s physique was at his peak in his thirties, for 175cm/5ft9″ at a very lean 88,5kg/195lbs. Emil Andersen says: September 30, 2020 at 5:24 am . He also wrote books and articles in magazines about bodybuilding and physical sport. May 12, 2017 - Explore Christopher Michael Carpio's board "Silver era" on Pinterest. The 1st place award was a golden statue of Sandow holding a dumbbell, a silver statue for the 2nd place and a bronze one for the 3rd place (the very same that Steve Reeves won at Mr. Universe 1950). While many people know this era as the pre-steroid era in bodybuilding, a lot also refer to it as the Silver Era of bodybuilding - mostly because of the Golden Era that came next (from the 1970s). During the golden era, bodybuilders would pop desiccated liver tablets like they were candy, whilst chugging quarts of milk on Muscle Beach. They inspired men all over the world to pick up iron.