Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. This blog presents the ancestors of the heirs of the leading families of Europe. The European high nobility are families with a princely or ducal title. © Ronald Elward 2009-2019. In western Europe; United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal, a duke is the highest rank, while in central Europe; Belgium, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Poland and Russia, a prince is the highest level of nobility. He married Donna Livia Cesarini, 5.Duchessa di Civitanova, and added her surname to his. Palazzo Sforza Cesarini. The texts are mainly in Dutch, later I will change it to English, but I think the information is clear enough. The tenure of the Sforza family’s reign over the Duchy of Milan, naturally generated numerous noble titles of which the closest descendents of the ruling Dukes benefited from. The Sforza Cesarini family, which still resides in the homonymous Roman palace, descends from the Sforza family which for many generations, precisely from 1450 to 1535, occupied the Signoria of Milan. Photo:pinterest. Francesco I Sforza ruled Milan, having acquired the title of Duke of Milan (1450–1466) after marrying in 1441 the natural daughter and only heir of the last Duke of Milan, Filippo Maria Visconti, Bianca Maria (1425–1468), making the Sforzas the heirs of the house of Visconti. In northern Europe; Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, there are hardly any dukes and princes, apart from the members of the royal families, here a count is the highest noble title. Historical records and family trees related to Francesco Sforza-Cesarini. The family Rocco is from Naples and claims descent from Cesare Rocco who married Ippolita Carafa. Don Federico Sforza (1651-1712), a descendant of Muzio Attendolo, who lived in the beginning of the 14th century, and of the same family as the Sforza Dukes of Milan, became the first (papal)Principe di Genzano, Duca with his surname and first Duca di Segni. These overviews represent the changing character of these families regarding marriage policy and show on one hand the close connections between those families but on the other hand the ability to absorb new influences while maintaining continuity. Hans Hoffmann (+ 1515) became citizen of the city of Basel in 1489. The Hoffmann family is an old Basler family. His descendant Augustin v. Khevenhüll... Peerage of France: non-royal Princes and Dukes, Peerage of the United Kingdom: non-royal Dukes, Famille Ghika (and other Romanian families), Free BMD (Birth, Marriages and Death England and Wales), Geneall (database, especially Portuguese nobility), Genealogia Potomków Sejmu Wielkiego (Polish nobility), Genealogie ceske slechty (Czech nobility), Stoyan database (especially German nobility), William Adams Reitwiesner Genealogical Services, Villa Torlonia in Fiumicino, inherited by Sforza-Cesarini. His descendant Fritz Hoffma... Eldest ancestor Sigmund v. Khünburg died in 1185. His grandson Richard used the name v. Khevenhüller. The leading families are the ruling and formerly ruling families since the end of the 18th century, the high nobility and other important (mainly industrial) families.