We do recommend looking for a nut or seed oil to really get the best results. Perilla oil is an oil used frequently in Korean and Chinese dishes and it has a similar flavour, taste and smell to sesame oil. Almond oil is not an obvious choice as a substitute for sesame oil. Enjoy! And because it doesn’t have a distinct flavor, it’s best for dishes where you don’t use sesame oil as the main component of the dish’s overall flavor. Sesame oil substitutes vary depending on the type of taste you are after. It is slightly different from the sesame oil … Another substitute for the light sesame oil is canola oil. 1. Sesame oil has a smoke point of approximately 410°F. But before we begin, here is some information about sesame oil and why people love to use it in their cooking recipes. Avocado oil. This is a good substitute for sesame oil if you are looking for an easy alternative! We added it to our list because of its smooth, buttery, nutty flavor. Although generally speaking the best substitute for sesame oil would have to be perilla oil. Without further ado, let’s discuss our favorite substitutes for sesame oil. If you plan on cooking with your oil, try to find a substitute with a similar or higher smoke point. There are some other vegetable oils that work just as fine as a substitute for sesame oil. Here is our thorough list of the best sesame oil substitutes to date. Canola oil. If flavor is the key, you should not ignore the avocado oil as a sesame oil substitute. Also, we will share some substitutes for sesame oil. But at the same time, we understand you may not always have these on hand. Continue reading to find out more! Allow to cool off the burner and add to blender jar, mix well. Sesame Oil in Cooking. If you don’t have perilla oil any other nut or seed oil would suffice. Substitute for Sesame oil Make it: heat 1/4 cup sesame seeds in a heavy skillet with 1 cup of neutral oil (vegetable, canola) about 2 minutes over medium heat, don't allow to burn. While sesame oil is unique, it’s ok if you need a substitute on occasion. The health benefits of almond oil are similar to sesame oil as both contain monounsaturated fats and high levels of vitamins. Nothing will replace sesame oil exactly, but we can fill the void with some pretty spectacular "next runner-ups." Without a strong flavor, it is more suitable for frying as well as baking. Olive oil, canola oil, walnut oil, avocado oil, and peanut oil are the most used alternatives for sesame oil. Sesame oil is referred by culinary experts as the “Queen of Oilseeds” because of its variety of … Perilla Oil Canola oil works as a sesame oil substitute for frying and deep drying purposes.