You’d be forgiven for thinking the answer is simple, but it’s a more complicated subject than you might first imagine. There will be a knob associated to each input that allows you to quickly and finely adjust the level of input from the microphone. It is important to remember that no one microphone will sound exactly the same for two people. This microphone may be found for less than £500($700/€850), if you buy it secondhand, but it will very likely be more than that (between £500-£600). Phew! Now,... Just in case you missed it, Voquent are a multilingual audio-visual production company specialising in voice over. What is the Best Headphones for Voice-Over? The SM58 is often used by singers on stage, and for live MCing, due to its hardy nature. However, this aims to be an introduction to setting up a home studio, as well as explaining the merits of choosing certain types of microphones and set-ups over others. I hope you found it useful. If you are really serious, and confident, about voice acting as a long term career choice, then investing in a long lasting microphone is a must. You don’t want the audio editor to hate you, do... Alignment is a character categorisation first used in Dungeons & Dragons to loosely describe the ethical nature and moral... Voice Actors frequently ask the Voquent team for advice about the optimum home studio setup and the question –... As briefly touched upon in our wonderful, handsomely written blog about microphones – a digital interface is absolutely necessary for recording... Alex here, your trusty Voquent audio engineer. Focusrite Scarlett’s are available with different amounts of inputs, so if you think you are likely to need more than one input in the future it may be worth investigating the more expensive options. Behringer have a reputation for “cheap and cheerful” stuff in the professional audio world, but almost every studio will have at least one piece of Behringer equipment in it. A dynamic microphone will still pick up the words you speak clearly, but the sound quality will not be the same. It is a very low current +48volt charge sent down the XLR cable from your interface to your microphone to power the internal electronics of the microphone. The M-Audio M-Track 2×2 is usually slightly more expensive than the Behringer, around £75 ($90/€84), but it is similarly versatile and a common beginner-to-pro piece of equipment. When you talk about the highest end studio microphones, there is one name that will come up: Neumann. I will be talking about the operating systems and software... Acoustics is an enormously complex subject. It features a 1 inch true condenser capsule based on the acoustics of the e 965 high-end vocal mic, optimised for recording. Gain is the term used for the input level of the microphone. The Blue Yeti Pro is probably the best USB mic for voice over. These bundles come with headphones and an interface as well as a microphone, for around the £150 mark. A USB microphone will often be cheaper and easier to set up than any other type of microphone. For this price, you are getting the highest quality you could ever realistically need as a voice artist. Powerful warm sound with vivid mids, detailed bass range - perfect for vocals. Spending a little bit more on the microphone essentially “future proofs” you, and means you can keep using it as your career develops. Now over it’s over to Alex to get you started! To go into anything more than a very... Howdy folks, it’s that time again – time for a haranguing article about audio stuff. Best Interfaces & Pre-amps for Voice-Over, Top Operating Systems and Editing Software for Voice Over. Saying that, however, there are other Neumann microphones of even higher quality, most famously the Neumann U87, which comes in around a whopping £2,000 ($3,000/€2,500). Acoustic Treatment Basics for Voice Over Studios, Portable Voice-Over Studio – What You Need to Know, 7 DOs and DON’Ts of working with agencies, An audio interface capable of running phantom power, At the higher end of the mid-priced microphones, at around £/$/€300-. There are a few obvious things you will need, and a few not so obvious things, so here’s a nice and easy list to reference. However, to get a good enough quality for professional voice over work, you will need to spend more than you may like.