My science teacher had a new theory on inertia but it isn’t gaining any momentum. Fun Pun Names for Any Types of Fish. The scientist took off his doorbell from his home because he was hoping to win the no-bell prize. It rings a bell. Science Twitter, of course, was quick to respond. One of the funniest school puns; science puns. While you're roaming through these scientific memes, make sure you think like a proton and always stay positive. Hey, kid: wanna see something cool? 18. 22. Cora: Cora was the given name of Siri of Battlestar Galactica. 6. 33. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 17. I was reading this excellent book on anti-gravity and I find myself unable to put it down. 2. These 43 silly science puns are sure to peak your intellect but tickle your funny bone at the same time. 19. List RulesVote up the science puns that have you geeking out. While the optimist sees the glass half full and the pessimist sees it as half empty, the science teacher sees it twice as large as it need be. We love good science. You are about to be blinded with science. If you’re a science nerd—someone who truly appreciates the sciences on a molecular level—you will adore these science puns. With so much going on in your Christmas preparations—whether you’re trimming the Christmas tree or putting together the ultimate Christmas dinner menu—you might be too drained to think of clever Christmas card messages to write. If you're a dinosaur who dislikes this pun, you'll probably criticize it with some Jurassic snark. 81. 43. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember to keep your ion the prize and enjoy this collection of funny science puns. When you tal about this area, it usually deals with mental health conditions, disorders, therapies and traumas. To stop the astronaut’s baby from crying they simply rocket. You can tell that the moon is going broke because it will be down to its last quarter. Ben Franklin was shocked after he discovered electricity. 16. I take my hat off to those pioneers of punnery. Psst! While you're roaming through these scientific memes, make sure you think like a proton and always stay positive. 12. The reason that the mushroom is always invited to parties is because he is considered to be a fun guy. 28. The reason why I don’t think I need a spine is because it is holding me back. Find the perfect funny name for your team. Science Twitter, of course, was quick to respond. Not all math is boring and complicated, math puns offer …. The tornado loved to play Twister at the kid’s party. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We're totally down with that. Check them out, pick your favorite, and head on over to the design lab to customize apparel.Browse our huge selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts that you can personalize for any science event, club, or conference. 11. There was an attack at the art exhibits in the museum, and they are saying now the science hall is history. Do you know the name Pavlov? I sense the electrifying presence of eyes hungry for our Physics Puns… The germ crossed that microscope to get to the other slide. Various funny cat names can be chosen based on your favorite color or the color of your cat's fur. 26. 4. Vote up the science puns that have you geeking out. 14. 100 Degrees Kelvin Abominable Astronauts Angels of Venus Atoms Before Molecules Bald Mars Eagles Big Bang Big Dippers 9. Remember to keep your ion the prize and enjoy this collection of funny science puns. Anyone who is involved with breeding science lab animals is considered to be part of the rat race. 29. We love writing puns because they catch you off guard and give us the chance to switch up meanings in a fun way. I have a science project at school.My classmate (a boy) and I (a girl) are going to pretend to be scientists from a big lab. Archimedes Aristotle Billy Nye Bohr (Niels Bohr) Cerf (Vincent Gray Cerf) Copernicus Da Vinci Darwin (great for finches! The limestone could be overheard telling the geologist not to take him for granite. These Sci-fi and Fantasy Puns Are out of This World Jokes so punny, you'll be groaning at warp speed. The reason why the atheists can not solve exponential equations is simply because they do not believe in higher powers. If you have more time, read also our selection of other funny puns or these great music puns. I was hoping to be an astronaut one day but my parents told me the sky was the limit. I learned in science class that if you want to cut the sea in half you need to make use of a sea-saw. As the tweet went viral, researchers and academics began adding their own favourite pun-filled papers, and the result is a long list of humorous and at times hilarious titles that got through the strenuous process of academic publishing and ended up … There’s ten different kinds of people in the world, the ones who understand binary and the ones who do not. 39. A selection of science team names from around the nation will help inspire you to create your own team name that focuses on the practice and studying of scientific knowledge. So, you're a shameless science geek, and you want your pet to be a living testament to your obsession with physics, astronomy, geology, molecular biology, chemistry, etc ... ? The neutron was always see hanging out at the local bar because he was never charged. These names can be used for any type of fish, so no matter what color, gender, or species your new addition is, one of these might fit. We hope you find them amusing and hope they inspire you to make some club t-shirts or face masks of your own! 23. Psychology is a branch of social science that deals with mind and mental processes. 24. We’ve put together a list of some fun and motivating science sayings below. Something Strange in the Neighborhood 3. We bet you’re excited to get back to your science club this school year, and we’re excited to help you create awesome science t-shirts.We’ve put together a list of awesome science team names for chemistry and physics clubs, as well as the ever-popular Science Olympiad. 43 Science Puns That Seem to Simply Defy Gravity, 60 Math Puns That Add Up To Countless Hours Of Laughs. Science Team Names . Here are our top names based on historical figures in science. 36. 56. Quark! I always tell my boiling water to rest in peace because it will be mist. In science class we all learned that the subatomic duck makes a unique sound, it goes Quark! It only takes a glance at some of the protein and gene names in the literature to see this – I’m looking at you, Drosophila folks: “Ken and Barbie”, “Cheap Date”, “Indy – I’m not dead yet”. Step up your dad joke game this holiday season with these best Christmas puns that will make this the most punderful time of the year. I waited all night to see where the sun went until it dawned on me. If you need any convincing, give these 43 puns about science a whirl and you too will find this to be a positive experience that will certainly get you and your friends charged up. If you need any convincing, give these 43 puns about science a whirl and you too will find this to be a positive experience that will certainly get you and your friends charged up. ... Kidadl provides inspiration for everything from family days out to online classes, arts, crafts and science experiments.