Under a charismatic, messianic figure named Julianus ben Sabar (or ben Sahir), the Samaritans launched a war to create their own independent state in 529. According to the former, the Samaritans are the direct descendants of the Joseph tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, and until the 17th century CE they possessed a high priesthood descending directly from Aaron through Eleazar and Phinehas. In Jesus’ day, many Jews were prejudiced against. Contextual translation of "samaritan" into Tagalog. Yohanan Aharoni, Michael Avi-Yonah, Anson F. Rainey, Israelite Samaritan Families Today, Benyamin Tsedakah, The Comfort of Kin: Samaritan Community, Kinship, and Marriage, Monika Schreiber, זבח קרבן הפסח : הגדה של פסח, נוסח שומרוני (Samaritan Haggada & Pessah Passover / Zevaḥ ḳorban ha-Pesaḥ : Hagadah shel Pesaḥ, nusaḥ Shomroni = Samaritan Haggada & Pessah Passover), Avraham Nur Tsedaḳah, Tel Aviv, 1958, the Jordanian authorities in the West Bank, "Reconstruction of patrilineages and matrilineages of Samaritans and other Israeli populations from Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA sequence variation", "Clarke's Commentary on the Bible - 2 Kings 17:30", "Reconstruction of Patrilineages and Matrilineages of Samaritans and Other Israeli Populations From Y-Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Variation", "Amid conflict, Samaritans keep unique identity", "mitgetheilten ausfsatze uber die samaritaner", "The Books of Paralimpomenon (Chronicles)", "The Dating of the First Phase of the Samaritan Temple on Mount Gerizim in the Light of the Archaeological Evidence", "Jesus and the Samaritan Woman / A Samaritan Woman Approaches:1", https://www.academia.edu/37993722/Jonathan_Bourgel_The_Samaritans_in_the_Eyes_of_the_Romans_The_Discovery_of_an_Identity_Cathedra_144_2012_7-20_יונתן_בורגל_השומרונים_בראי_הרומאים_והשפעת_השלטון_הרומי_על_היחסים_בין_יהודים_לשומרונים, "Israel & the Palestinian Territories Travel Information and Travel Guide", https://books.google.com/books?id=4We7AwAAQBAJ&pg=PA46, "The Samaritans - The Samaritans: Strategies for Survival of an Ethno-religious Minority in the Twenty First Century", "Molecular Dissection of the Y Chromosome Haplogroup E-M78 (E3b1a): A Posteriori Evaluation of a Microsatellite-Network-Based Approach Through Six New Biallelic Markers", "Israeli Election Preview: The Samaritans, Caught Between Two Votes", https://www.israelite-samaritans.com/about-israelite-samaritans/families/?amp, https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=4We7AwAAQBAJ&pg=PA411&lpg=PA411&dq=samaritan+%22matar%22+family&source=bl&ots=H6ZTZVMMP1&sig=ACfU3U2g7k2OtSoeFpTAX10PVRPpbwu9rQ&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiC8afV4cXmAhV2QEEAHQU3CdMQ6AEwAnoECAQQAQ#v=onepage&q=samaritan%20%22matar%22%20family&f=false, "A former Samaritan faces the music of her complicated roots", "Who are the Samaritans and why is their future uncertain? While the Samaritan communities in both the West Bank's Nablus and Israeli Holon have assimilated to the surrounding respective cultures, Hebrew has become the primary domestic language for Samaritans. A terrible civil war broke out between Eli son of Yafni, of the line of Ithamar, and the sons of Pincus (Phinehas), because Eli son of Yafni resolved to usurp the High Priesthood from the descendants of Pincus. Returning exiles considered the Samaritans to be non-Israelites and, thus, not fit for this religious work. When instructing his disciples as to how they should spread the word, Jesus tells them not to visit any Gentile or Samaritan city, but instead, go to the "lost sheep of Israel". Moreover, they claimed that their version of the Pentateuch was the original and that the Jews had a falsified text produced by Ezra during the Babylonian exile.