billyas and Maguire have since left, but Mower continues in the role along with two new Billies, Travis Yates and Leon Cooke. counterbalance forklift trucks powered by Calor LPG play a key role in the logistics chain for MFI. caregivers of disabled family members often experience negative outcomes in the role. The role involves the outbound calling of warm leads to help create new business. Accordingly, when Lord Salisbury proposed energetic action to protect the Armenians, the cabinet of St Petersburg suddenly assumed the role of protector of the sultan and vetoed the proposal. ), notable chiefly for the first display of the new artillery tactics of the French, ended with a general attack about 5 P.M. Mr. Bryce, already favourably regarded in America as the author of a classical work on the American Commonwealth, made himself thoroughly at home in the country; and, after the fashion of American ministers or ambassadors in England, he took up with eagerness and success the role of public orator on matters outside party politics, so far as his diplomatic duties permitted. We are also interested in the role of PP1 in other fundamental processes such as sister chromatid cohesion. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. It's not his thing, though, so he's basically taken on the role of a reluctant protector. The physical and mental ability of a particular potential appointee to fulfill a particular role will always be a relevant factor to consider. But it is clear that it becomes on this view increasingly difficult to explain the occasional occurrence of tetraspores on male, female and monoecious plants or the role of the carpospores in the life-cycle of Florideae. Now Alex was only days away from assuming the role Josh had always considered his. Corps was able to fulfil satisfactorily the subsidiary role assigned to it. The uncertainty is also likely to prove a disincentive for overseas investors who have played a major role in developing Wales ' manufacturing base. Obesity also plays an important role in the cause of some common diseases - including diabetes mellitus. Consuming dietary vitamin and mineral supplements may help play an important role in maintaining good health. doctrinaire approach to the question of the role of markets. It was indeed in the spirit of a king of Sicily, and not in the spirit - though it was in the role - of a king of Jerusalem, that Frederick had acted. failed miserably in my role as a foster mom, and he nearly died because of it. Moreover, while seeking to significantly downplay its own role the Government makes much of the role of trustees. Barely a decade earlier, Cleveland, also a Democrat, had said essentially, "Look, the government shouldn't be helping the poor Texans; that's the role of charity.". 4. She takes an active role within the NW pediatric dysphagia SIG. But the role of both of them began to be partially eclipsed by events taking place barely a generation after Edward's papal canonization. In so far the role of the prefect is essentially political; he guarantees the direct and legal action of the government in his department. When Napoleon returned from Elba Soult at once declared himself a Bonapartist, was made a peer of France and acted as majorgeneral (chief of staff) to the emperor in the campaign of Waterloo, in which role he distinguished himself far less than he had done as commander of an over-matched army. Assuming the role of Death heightened his senses about dealing with Immortals. chimeeated listens unearth depth to this record with the soft chiming guitar claiming an important role in the sound. Journal Articles and References E212 Potassium benzoate The potassium salt of benzoic acid, potassium benzoate fulfills an antibacterial and antifungal role. Yet the role of Desmoulins during the Convention was of but secondary importance. In the later Historia of Goeffrey of Monmouth, and its French translation by Wace, Gawain plays an important and "pseudo-historic" role. Abstract Objective To clarify the role played by endothelial cell production of fibrinolytic factors in normal pregnancy and pre- eclampsia. Prowra was responsible planprice elasticity programs were quite the greater role. His role throughout his career was servus servorum dei; and the fact that he was this successively to Barnabas, Paul and Peter, helps to show the essential harmony of their message. Yet with all its victories it seems there is one area women can rest assured will never change: their role in the home. They may have a role in dissociation of tubulin dimers. It is situated on the Trnava, and has played an important role in the ecclesiastical history of Hungary. Of all the brothers, he'd always been the one to begrudge Andre's role as their leader. Anyway, I took over the this huge corporation at a young age. In the conduct of the naval war the official role of Tirpitz was confined to reporting and advising at general headquarters, the actual conduct and initiative in operations being in the hands of the higher command of the navy at Wilhelmshaven, subject to the Emperor's approval or veto. She is also interested in the role of women in Byzantium and has worked on Byzantine empresses.