What would be amazing is if you could just scan a game code from your monitor with your phone or steam could start using qr codes along with standard game codes, There's already an app for pc to phone streaming, it's called "Remotr Game streaming" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.remotrapp.remotr, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But when I click on the "Developer" of the game in the Steam strore, I want to find out more about the "Developer". This will generate your Steam product key for registering to your account. Well, technically you can if you login via the browser. If you want to redeem a game key, you can't do it through the option listed above, in fact, you can't use the app to do so at all. Please Agree the Steam Subscriber Terms. Thankfully, redeeming a code on Steam couldn’t be easier. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process. This is a cheeky workaround, and is still technically you just redeeming from a browser, it just happens to be the browser in the Steam app, but as long as it works…, Your sign up will be strictly used in accordance with our, Unova region Pokemon are heading to Pokemon Go later today alongside new shinies to find, Cricket Through the Ages, a physics game that's part of the Apple Arcade line up, releases its first trailer, Steam Link on mobile isn't going to change the world - here's why, Steam Summer Sale - the 5 best games on Day 4, Steam Summer Sale - the 5 best games on Day 1, Econia: Three things you should know before diving into this city builder, Econia: A few basic tips to help kickstart your city, Complete Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tier list of every character, ranked, Mobile Legends FAQ Guide: Hints, Tips & Getting Started, Pebble Gear 7" Kids Tablet review - "A tablet built with child safety in mind from the ground up", Farlight 84 is an impressive and whacky looking battle royale that's heading for iOS, Android and PC next year, Cracké Rush is a wacky bird endless runner out now for mobile, Street Kart Racing hosts a virtual rendition of the Supernats after pandemic postponed the real life event, Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a new strategy game that has teamed up with UFC star Conor McGregor, Pocket Gamer Podcast: Episode 533 - The Pathless, Fruit Ninja 2, Select "Account Details" from the Store drop-down menu, About your wallet balance, below the Store & Purchase History heading, there's a link reading "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet" click here, Below your Current Wallet balance, there's a link reading "Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code" click here, Enter your code in the box and click Continue, You should be all done, and the pre-paid card should be applied to your Wallet Balance, Sign in to your Steam account using your Steam app to authenticate, Enter the code in the box provided and click Continue, You should be all done, and your game should be added to your game library. There is a hidden option to redeem codes in your Steam app, but unfortunately, it only applies to wallet top-ups and pre-paid cards. If you want to redeem a game key, you can't do it through the option listed above, in fact, you can't use the app to do so at all. If you're a Steam user and you don't have the app, then you should get it now. Here's that link again, so you can bookmark it now: https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey. With games like Dota Underlords, Steam compatibility has finally landed on mobile, and in addition to the Steam app, it means you have most of the Steam functionality you need right on your phone wherever you are. Using the Steam app allows you to authenticate your log in attempts, and ensures that random people and hackers won't be getting into your account without your smartphone. You can download Iddle Daddy and active steam keys there. You need to redeem a game or wallet code when on the go, but you don't know how. Sign in to your steam account and click on Games > Activate a Product on Steam. Click Next when you see the Product Activation pop-up. Click the Games Menu. The real protip is always in the comments. It is actually possible to open that link in the Steam app, mind. I wanted to share a direct link to do that :), search discussions / community for "activate in the browser", find a thread with link - https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey. Copy the game key from the download link and click Next. Even if that isn't an attractive prospect, then you can still chat with your friends, and update your profile when on the go with the app, so it's a good companion to go along with Steam. Yeah I mean via the app. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.remotrapp.remotr. This means you won't be redeeming game codes through the app to download when you get home, but with pre-paid codes it's totally possible. Redeeming Steam game codes in browser Right, now you want to redeem a game key. A subreddit for members of the Steam Community.