By using MP, players can activate special attacks that push, pull, and slide enemies from one box on the grid to another. Throw in the ability to swap turns with an enemy or ally at the cost of leaving yourself vulnerable to a critical attack, and Radiant Historia's combat makes for an interesting mix between a puzzle game and a turn-based RPG. For Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Which DLC is worth it?". Stocke, an ex-military man with skilled experience on the battlefield, is quiet and aloof, yet clever. For fans who played and finished the original already, I don’t think the new story content is worth another purchase. Perfect Mode is as the name suggests, how Atlus implemented this new content within the original story. The soundtrack, meanwhile, has made an even better jump to the 3DS, sporting the same beautiful music featured in Radiant Historia on DS along with some added tracks for good measure. New voice acting is great Cheat DLC for experience and money is expected but when you have a remake, people should have the option to play with the original art for free and it should be included from the get go. It reminded me a bit of the golden era Square games and just the PS1 era in general. I had always planned on revisiting it but never ended up doing so. I like how they give you an option depending on whether you want to experience this as it was on the DS or in the new 3DS format. The nations of Alistel and Granorg are home to a variety of military leaders and politicians, and much of the narrative hinges on their various interactions and backstories. It is a blast to play and I will never tire of listening to the battle theme. QubicGames Bringing Bit.Trip Series, Door Kickers And... MudRunner Free On Epic Games Store, Cave Story+ Next Week. By saving him in the Standard History, players are able to ensure he survives in the Alternate one, allowing them to travel further in that timeline. I’m glad more people get to experience it and that it is releasing worldwide as opposed to a single region. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a game that's bursting at the seams with interesting ideas. More accessible, Visually not that much better Over-explanation of ideas like the theory of relativity or the speed of light can leave people scratching their heads. This has an impact on the story pacing, as it feels as if characters are hanging around the same areas for hours on end before making any tangible progress. Almost every Atlus port to a new system includes more difficulty options and more story content usually in the form of a new girl and her side of the story. PS5/PS4/XSX/XOne/Switch/PC Preview - 'Puyo Puyo Tetris 2', Switch/PS4/XOne/PC Preview - 'Black Legend', 'Farlight 84' Announced - Screens & Trailer. I didn’t play much initially because I’m great at starting multiple games at once and only finishing a few of them while the others go into the backlog. Now having played through the fully localized English version of Perfect Chronology, it has a lot working in its favour, but also a few questionable things. Vainqueur has a threat of sand plague and Alistel and Granorg are about to go all out to try and capture what’s left to survive. Due to this phenomenon, the land and inhabitants of Vainqueur are gradually turning to sand. Heiss, his boss in the SI, is a calculating strategist who knows more about the overall conflict than he lets on. Most of the gameplay on the 3DS is also on the top screen thankfully unlike the Nintendo DS version that had information on the top screen and the actual gameplay on the bottom screen. Enemies can move between different squares; the closer they are to the party, the more damage they'll deal, and vice versa. Aeon Jewel gives you +3 res all stats, yes. The Possible History timeline, meanwhile, adds some bite-sized "what if" scenarios to complete for some extra cash to use in the main game. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is a great package for people who never played the original and are looking for a great RPG but it doesn’t offer enough good new content for people who played the original on the DS. Music is still amazing While Radiant Historia's time traveling is liberating, it's also an unfortunate source of frustration. A lot of times, exploration and combat here feels like what I’d want from a modern take on the 16-bit or PS1 era JRPG combat. Though there are branching choices throughout the game, most are shallow scenarios that lead to cheesy "your efforts were in vain" dead ends in the narrative. This game is special and will stay with you for a long time. Without spoiling anything, I was pretty disappointed with the new story content and I’m even happier that there’s a way to experience the original story with the enhanced visuals. Depending on their positions, you can use skills to move them around the grid, chain combos, and get more damage and rewards out of the battle. While many people consider the Kingdom Hearts franchise as Yoko Shimomura’s best work, I am yet to find a track from her catalogue that approaches the Radiant Historia soundtrack. Stocke is tasked with a mission from his Chief Heiss that leads to him not just witnessing his newly found companions die in front of his own eyes but also him being taken to a land where time stands still and where decisions can be remade and alternate paths followed to change history. I love the art direction here and not being able to see the opening scene with the rain in the forest area is super disappointing. While many of the RPGs that cross 50 hours end up having filler in some form, the core Radiant Historia experience is amazing and if you enjoy turn based games, this is definitely one of the best ones out there.