Joining the club offers opportunities to get involved, de-stress, and engage in campus and community service and events. Minor certification involves 12 units of required coursework, 4 units of restricted elective coursework, and 12 units of elective coursework (of which 8 units must be at the 300-400 level). PSYCHOLOGY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Faculty Office Bldg. Cal Poly Pomona Nov 24, 2020 ... Mario Guerrero, Chair; Political Science major (BA); Master of Public Administration (MPA); Political Science minor. Open to psychology majors/minors along with non-psychology … PSYCHOLOGY MINOR . Psychology majors at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo receive a broad education in psychology. Felica F. Thomas, Chair; Psychology major (BA); Master of Science in Psychology (MS); Psychology minor… Developmental Psychology 1: 4: or EDUC 207: Children's Learning and Development in Educational Settings: PSY 201: General Psychology: 4: or PSY 202: General Psychology: STAT 217: Introduction to … PSY 3303 - Physiological Psychology (3) and; PSY 3303A - Physiological Psychology Activity (1) PSY 3305 - Basic Developmental Psychology (3) PSY 3325 - Multicultural Psychology (3) PSY 3332 - Organizational Psychology (3) PSY 3334 - Cognitive Processes (3) PSY 4401 - Social Psychology … The Psychology minor provides students with a broad background in the principles of psychology … As the study of behavior and mental processes, psychology includes the investigation of mental health and … (47), Room 24 (805) 756-2033 . The Physiology Minor can be taken by students from any department in the University but it is particularly appropriate for students with the following majors: Animal Science (AS), Psychology … Return to: University Interdisciplinary Programs Offered by: Cal Poly Pomona, University Interdisciplinary Programs. Academic Minor in Communication Studies - Communication Studies Department - Cal Poly… The Cal Poly Psychology Club is a place to create community with classmates and professors while gaining more information about the field of psychology, and about psychology classes at Cal Poly. Psychology.