. Average class size is 12 to 22 students. This means there’s often tons of imaginative and dramatic play in this setting. Read more. Voted #1 Private School in Richmond Hill 4 years in a row. This there will be some social interaction in this setting, but less than preschools with a play-based approach. Individual factors are specific to you and your child. Few, if any, whole-class lessons are given. The name means “sky” or “heaven”, which is why we have to mention the gift from heaven that entered our country’s pop culture scene. There is a self-guiding curriculum [1] at work here where students learn the curriculum through independent exploration and projects that are tailored to their interests and that they help select. With 2 Campuses located in Vaughan, King Heights Academy provides a unique educational experience for toddlers to grade 12 which includes the IB Program. Our focus centres on growing potential and changing the lives of those with ASD to SOAR. Before- and after-school care and summer camps also available. Aurora Montessori offers an extensive, enriched program for day students to Grade 8 including an Outdoor Ed. Our boundless learning strategies open doors for successful learning. This is often done through open-ended projects. Preschool to gr. A name which means “grove of trees” or “unspoiled forest” there is not a better name to speak of Canada’s magnificent terrain and wilderness. Have lots of energy and prefer being active to sitting, Do well in a noisy environment, with lots of activities taking place at once, Can sit still and follow the course of a lesson, Have demonstrated an early love of academic learning, Love hands-on exploring and problem solving, Are highly imaginative and have creative potential. Fast forward 100 years and you’ve got a chocolatier who celebrated her namesake. We have annual expos across Canada: in Toronto, Halton-peel, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. In some cases, they’re not given much free-play time. is an understatement. What's the difference between Montessori and preschool? This encourages plenty of imaginative and dramatic play, both in groups and independently. Many preschools use more than one of these approaches, or a combination of several. Its average class size is 20 students with teacher to student ratios of 1:8. If what makes you most proud to be Canadian is the people who helped shape it into greatness, then honour your little Major with the title he deserves. A combination of play-based and academic opportunities is provided. La Citadelle's Excellence in Bilingual Education and academically advanced curriculum develop successful global citizens through IB & AP programs and a holistic approach where students achieve their highest potential. Perhaps that’s why national retailer Lululemon used it in its title? Further Reading, A lot of time is spent away from desks on hands-on, practical activities that are intended to cultivate children's mental and physical well-being. The perfect pit-stop on the way to early morning hockey games and road trips across our country, Tim Horton’s is commonly referred to as Tim’s and Timmies. Another tribute to Canadian literature is author and writer of the north, Farley Mowat. At these expos, you can meet with lots of private preschools, ask them questions, and learn whether they might be right for your child. Class size averages 20 students; tuition ranges from $15,000 to $18,00 . Farley is a name that is not only ambitious and proud, it is also renowned and celebrated. If you’re loving the sound of Laura, but will be expecting a little boy, then maybe Lawrence will float your boat! The primary focus is on challenging individual and group work. The major focus on direct instruction and sit-down learning reduces the amount of imaginative play. This name and personality became a distinct icon for Canada through one of our country’s best beer promotions ever.