Butterfly peacock prefers live fish and fish imitating baits often used by largemouth bass anglers, but they rarely hit plastic worms commonly used to catch largemouth bass. Advanced Aquaria Discussion Forum. Post spawn the male & female Peacock Bass will ball up and stay with their fry for up to 60 days defending them. There are at least 15 known species of the peacock bass, but there are only 4 that are generally recognized and have common English names: the Royal Peacock Bass, the Butterfly Peacock Bass, the Speckled Peacock Bass, and the Three-Barred Peacock Bass (only called this when the fish is spawning). C. christian360 Black Skirt Tetra. 1 of 2 Go to page. Next Last. i hope that this post is ideal for you, all fishing lovers. After seeing all of the gorgeous peacock bass other members have I decided to learn a little more and maybe get some when I build my new tank. Cichla (Peacock Bass) 1; 2; Next. The parents will move their fry into fairly shallow lagoons once they have left the nest. Smallest species? Hi all fishing lovers, Today's post is "Different types of food for Peacock Bass ". De grootste soort peacock bass (Cichla temensis) komt voor in het stroomgebied van de Rio Negro in Brazilië, Colombia en Venezuela. There are around 15 different species of Peacock Bass that we know of. Different types of food for Peacock Bass . Peacock Bass. The last 3 IGFA All Tackle World Record monsters have all been caught on this type of top water lure; Doc Lawson caught his 27 lb world record on a Peacock Bass Special in November of 1994, Bill Gassmann caught his 28 lb world record on a 6 3/4” Woodchopper fishing with Captain Peacock in February of 2010 and Andrea Zacaherini caught a 29 lb Peacock Bass in November of 2010 on a 7” Pavon Prop. Possible tank mates with said species? With its unique design, its sliding characteristics and fast swimming, imitates a fish fleeing or hunting on the surface. Over het aantal soorten peacock bass zijn de geleerden het nog niet helemaal eens omdat er een hoop verschillende ondersoorten zijn. They fight just as hard and look kind of similar, after all. Cichlids. Bait consecrated for its efficiency to the Giant Amazon Peacock Bass. People often assume that these brightly-colored brutes are Black Bass. Anglers typically pick up the bass by using large, hard lures that the problem may arise for an injured fish, reptile or mammal . 2. Baits are surface type propellers, different from all similar existing today in the market with different designs. The most common one in the US is Butterfly Peacock Bass. For me, hunting fry feeding on the surface of the water post spawn is one of the most exciting types of Peacock Bass fishing I have ever done! Go. PEACOCK BASS. ( which might not be for a few months) So here are my questions: 1. After careful documentation of these facts and reviews by experts from across the nation, the FWC decided to go forward with the introduction. MFK … Thread starter christian360; Start date Apr 19, 2019; Forums. Deze peacock bass is erg populair bij vooral Amerikaanse sportvissers. peacock bass types and tank sizes. Peacock Bass are actually Cichlids, from the same family as Tilapia.