For those who don't understand i want the government to make organ donation mandatory but you can Opt out. The act of donating organs before or after death has been considered a gift and an intrinsic good. organ donation. Author Name: k.jayshri this article speeks about the issues relating to organ transplantation Organ Transplantation Legal, Social And Ethical Issues Submit your Article by using our online form Click here Note* we only accept Original Articles, we will not accept Articles Already Published in other websites. Although this proposal was open for public comment until June, 2011, it went unnoticed until a September 19, 2011 Washington Post article “Changes in controversial organ donation method stir fears”[ix] was published and the The biggest issue today is the shortage of organ donations (Butts & Rich, 2013). Presumed consent for organ donation: a case against Simon Bramhall Consultant Liver Transplant Surgeon, Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth international Forum for Transplant Ethics. The organ donation process however, involves various difficult ethical issues. For my argument and debate class i have to come up controversial issue for this proposition: The U.S. federal government should enact an Opt out system of organ donation. On 20 May, an opt-out system for organ donation was introduced in England. The controversy currently hinges on a disagreement on what method is POLICYSTATEMENT Ethical Controversies in Organ Donation After Circulatory Death abstract The persistent mismatch between the supply of and need for trans-plantable organs has led to efforts to increase the supply, including The Catholic Church has consistently encouraged its followers to consider organ donation. Since donor nephrectomy is a major surgical procedure, there is no doubt that living organ donation requires the intentional infliction of transient physical harm on these individuals. However, a number of studies have demonstrated This issue has … However, a system of presumed consent risks taking away the right of […] Organ donation is controversial because vital organs can be removed from a patient before his or her life has ended thus disrespecting the dignity of human life. Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory 1630 Words | 7 Pages subject of organ donation becomes increasingly important. i have to show that this proposition is both contemporary and controversial. Lancet 1998; 351: 1,650–52.