PRAYER HAS VERY BLESSED SOCIAL EFFECTS. 2. His presence makes it morally beautiful. Of the Lord he desired this "one thing." THE CAUSE OF HIS DESIRE, or the ends for the sake of which he entertains it; viz. To me he was always radiant as an angel. Then the love of the philanthropist. That he might behold the beauty of the Lord — the outward beauty animated with the service of the Lord: that which we should desire to see is the spiritual beauty, the various perfections of His character. Required fields are marked * Comment. The services of the Church are not the only duty of Christians in the world; but they are the one duty which prepares us to do our other duties well. He is love, and because love is of the very essence of His Being, He must have in Himself love in eternal action. Ere we love Him, we must be made to feel the security and the enlargement of one who knows himself to be safe. When we realize the glory of him whom we believe, there is no bound to our delight and exultation; and at such times we can laugh in defiance at our foes; yea, "smile at Satan's rage, and face a frowning world." Allen. God is love; see this in the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. Or the helmsman who would not quit the wheel-house of his steamboat though she was in flames. "That I may dwell in the house of the Lord." Those who love God have the same kind of love that God has and exercises towards them and all holy creatures. By our very birth we are born blind; by our personal sins our spiritual eyesight has become dim. Mutual confidence between man and man would be destroyed; human life would be thrown into confusion, the safety of mankind would be endangered, and the moral world totter to its ruin, if such a pillar were to fall. God is a Spirit. Name * Email * Website. The beauty of the Lord, therefore, must signify that, in His moral character, which is pleasing to a virtuous and benevolent heart. The good come to work good. Desire to enjoy the blessings of God's house, wherein he knew that man's true happiness did stand (Psalm 65:4; Psalm 84:4).III. Undoubted fruition of glory in the life to come (Psalm 73:24). What prevents bloodshed and devastation, and all the evils of war? Melody is beautiful, but harmonies are yet more so. That he is the perfect armour to the human heart, tie meets all the wants of our nature. )Moral effects of communion with GodJ. His DETERMINATION TO PERSEVERE IN THE WORSHIP OF THE TRUE GOD. He who has not accustomed himself to the language of heaven will be no fit inhabitant of it when, in the Last Day, it is perceptibly revealed. O. Sauderson, M. A. Is that man amiable? As in "the gate Beautiful." 3. The colours of the rainbow are beautiful, when taken one by one: but there is a beauty in the rainbow, which arises not from any single tint: a beauty which is the result of their assemblage and collocation, and consists in their blended radiance. II. Obedience to spiritual authority paves the way for subjection to the civil power. The answer is, not that the character of God is unattractive, but that mankind are stupid, blind, ungrateful. He not only made us but is the One who exercises authority over us, and it is His right to require that we do certain things. What a travesty of Christ's atoning work! Another reason why we have not yet beheld the Divine beauty may be the condition of our sight. How greatly we all pervert our worship — making it an intellectual gymnastic, or a solemn office of respectability, or a pleasant substitute for piety! It is an infinite mercy to hear the sweet whisper of God to the heart, "Seek me." But let us see God reconciled to us, and then, delivered from all fear, we may now open our hearts to the influences of affection. Then, a mother's love has always been counted beautiful. We converse with men, and then we use familiar language, because they are our fellows. Be it ours to wait upon our God continually! 2; cf. So that if we have not yet seen the beauty of the Lord the reason may be that we have not been looking at the right God. Body, D. D.)The beauty of the LordA. Is not this beautiful in Him? The unity of God is the primary truth of the Christian faith, and on it as its chief corner stone rests the structure of Christian morality. But yet He does so.3. SOME OF THE ELEMENTS OF THIS BEAUTY. B. I. On the other hand, a man may be in all his surroundings — house, furniture, etc. And yet for this knowledge he must of necessity yearn. In some measure. The natural man can no more admire the Deity through the obscurities in which He is shrouded, than he can admire a landscape which he never saw, and which, at the time of his approach to it, is wrapped in the gloom of midnight. Communion with God is the only essential.III. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his … David came to God's house as a learner, an inquirer, sincerely desiring to appropriate to his own heart and life the spirit and excellence, the beauty and worth of Him who condescended to dwell with men and be their God.III. I am afraid that Amiel's description of God as the "Great Misunderstood" is pathetically true.1. (2) And ever remember that this purity can only co-exist with humility. Oh how impressive these "one things" of the Bible I Martha was cumbered about many things, but "one thing was needful." The holiness of God, and especially —3. Our intercourse with our fellow-men goes on not by sight, but by sound; not by eyes, but by ears. They see supreme beauty and excellence in His power and wisdom, in His justice and sovereignty, in His mercy and grace, as they are continually exercised for the highest good of the universe.III. To have left this for the pleasures of uninterrupted religious worship would have been to abandon duty for inclination. And all the loveliness of earth and sea and sky symbolize the beauty of the Lord, the attractiveness of His character. But how faint is the image of the mercy of God, that we can have from the magnanimity and compassion of the most merciful of men! Because the goodness of God, which forms His supreme excellence, spreads a glory over all the other perfections of His nature. The psalmist desired to engage permanently in the service of the Lord. His beautifulness is essential, transcendent, inexhaustible.II. It takes time to behold.(A. Pierson. Supreme; he desired it before and above all else. The effect of religious institutions upon men, with regard to their POLITICAL STATE. "(Bishop Ken.) Yet how slow is He to put it forth I It cannot be said that it is easier for Him to pardon and cancel man's sin than to avenge it.