Olive oil is most commonly used for heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Olive oil has many health benefits, but it is not advisable to use it as a sexual lubricant. There’s no need to waste your expensive Greek or Spanish Extra Virgin for these tasks, just grab a bottle of inexpensive, domestic olive oil for around-the-house use. Chef Giada De Laurentiis applies the oil to her hands as she cooks, and you can easily keep a little by the sink for post-sanitizing moisture. One of the amazing things about olive trees are the conditions in which they can grow. In this article, we will learn the best way to use olive oil for dandruff. In this article, we list some alternatives and explain why they are preferable. You can cut down on excess oil by investing in a refillable spray can, such as the Misto. Yes, olive oil is a great way to get rid of dandruff. 9. There are plenty of other olive oil uses around your home, outside of the sauté pan. This kitchen staple is great for so much more than cooking. In foods, olive oil is used as a cooking and salad oil. Discover 20 amazing uses for olive oil from polishing stainless steel to stain removal to shining pearls. Jul 25, 2014 Nico Tondini/Getty. By Lauren Piro. Olive oil can be used for more than cooking. As we all know that we have been using olive oil in our food for centuries and making ourselves healthy and strong. Our use of olive oil dates back prior to 3500 BC and today over three quarters of a billion olive trees are cultivated around the world. While olive oil is most often used as a cooking and dipping oil, some people believe drinking it affords the most benefits. 8 Clever Uses for Olive Oil. Use olive oil as your cuticle softener. While originating from the Mediterranean, there are thriving olive industries in many countries – including Australia. This article investigates whether drinking olive oil is a good idea.