Create a Timeline Now; Nintendo consoles. It was discontinued less than a year after it was released. Color TV-Game 6 June 1 1977 - Approx. It ran on two AA batteries. (1998), The Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS is a virtual pet toy and pedometer. Lastly it featured the shop app where you could download games etc. This console is built for handheld play only. (, The Super Nintendo Entertainment System featured enhanced graphics, a brand new controller, and more. [1]​, Lista cronológica de las consolas de Nintendo, Lista cronológica de las series de Nintendo, Unidades de hardware de Nintendo no publicadas, «Nintendo's holiday 2008: Wii Speak Channel, Club Nintendo, more surprises», «The 73rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders: Q&A», «Nintendo revela la consola perdida, DS Lite XL»,, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0, Esta serie fue especialmente importante para el hardware portátil de Nintendo; en primer lugar, aparecieron características como la, La Virtual Boy es una consola formada básicamente por un proyector con forma de gafas por las que se veía el videojuego en cuestión en, Con esta consola, Nintendo prescindió por primera vez de los, Nintendo DS (DS, NDS) Nintendo 3DS (N3DS) (3DS) y Nintendo 2DS (N2DS) (2DS), El origen del nombre es incierto, pero Nintendo declaró que: "Wii suena como la palabra inglesa. It is also the biggest, brightest, and heaviest of the four models. (, The first Nintendo console with 3D graphics, the concept was to create a virtual reality experience. Es recordada por ser la consola de sobremesa menos vendida de Nintendo, con 13 560 000 de consolas. (, The GameCube featured enhanced graphics and a new controller. Esta es una lista cronológica de todas las series con sus consolas que han sido creadas por Nintendo.Nintendo no aparece como empresa de videojuegos hasta la segunda generación.La primera generación apareció con la fundación de Atari, en Estados Unidos en 1972, la primera empresa de videojuegos.Hasta el 2 de octubre de 2008, la empresa líder ha vendido 470 000 000 unidades de … The GameCube is Nintendo’s first game console … (, The second redesign of the Nintendo DS line. Nintendo Switch (NS) y Nintendo Switch Lite. Unlike the Color TV Games, the NES could play different titles, on interchangeable cartridges, that could be purchased in stores. It featured backwards compatibility with Game Boy Advance games (except it doesn't have multiplayer), but not original Game Boy and Game Boy Color, and was often criticized for its chunky design. Nintendo Switch, también conocida como Nintendo NX (nombre en clave) es una consola actualmente en desarrollo de la compañía Nintendo, anunciada el 17 de marzo de 2015 durante una conferencia de prensa. The backwards compatibility for Game Boy Advance games disappeared in this version of the, This was the third and last redesign of the Nintendo DS line. Esta página se editó por última vez el 20 oct 2020 a las 20:02. Like its predecessor, it is not backwards compatible with, The Nintendo 3DS can produce 3D graphics on the top screen without the need for glasses and is backwards compatible with, In a similar manner to the Nintendo DSi XL. (, A follow-up to the NES Classic Edition, also known as the SNES Mini, this system emulates the SNES console. The Game Boy Advance SP featured much better graphics and a front-lit screen which could be turned on or off (the model AGS-001). You could also listen to actual music. This is clearly evident in the, The Pokemon Mini is a Nintendo handheld themed around Pokémon. Nintendo no aparece como empresa de videojuegos hasta la segunda generación. (2001), The Wii Family Edition (also called the (, The Wii U features a new controller known as the, The NES Classic Edition is a mini console that emulates the experience of the Nintendo Entertainment System. This came a long time before they began developing video games. It featured a 0.3 megapixel camera that you could have fun with by editing pictures etc. Gameboy The first ever portable game released by Nintendo… The Nintendo GameCube (commonly shortened to GameCube, NGC or GCN) was released in 2001. The 3DS XL was released on July 21, 2012 in Japan and on August 19, 2012 in the USA and other countries. There is no backlight on the screen. Games were 8-bit black-and-white, played on a green-tinted screen. (2001), The Game Boy Advance SP was the first Game Boy to have a clamshell design much like the Nintendo DS. It also had many technical enhancements, including a more powerful processor and an infrared wireless link-up port. The player takes care of a virtual pet Pikachu. It was technically compared to the Super Nintendo console, except that the Game Boy Advance's 16-bit sound is not as powerful as the console's. (, The Nintendo 2DS is a redesign of the Nintendo 3DS, which uses mostly the same software, but differs in physical design. Color TV-Game Racing 112 June 8 1978 - Approx. (, The Game Boy Advance was a major improvement over the Game Boy Color with a new handheld shape, shoulder buttons and better graphics. Color TV-Game 15 June 8 1977 - Approx. (2014), The New Nintendo 2DS XL is a technologically-improved remodel of the, The Nintendo Switch Lite is a version of the Nintendo Switch that cannot dock into a TV and cannot have joy-cons removed. It also featured a music app where you could record your voice and then play around with it. The console also has a 3D screen which can be viewed in different angles and two new buttons and an additional control nub. It features a more solid, tablet-like design as opposed to the Nintendo 3DS' clamshell design. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is bigger, thinner, and brighter than the DS Lite. It is also the first ever video game console released by the company Nintendo. The company was founded on 23rd September 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi. 1980. (, This was the last model in the Game Boy line and was the smallest handheld ever released and was also released after the, This was the first redesign of the Nintendo DS line. The following are a list of video game systems that Nintendo has released. The timeline of Nintendo Jul 15, 1983. It was the same as the Nintendo DSi except it featured a much bigger and heavier design with new 4.3" dual-screens. Similliar to the Game Boy Pocket except it featured a backlit screen for playing in the dark. It could last for over 30 hours on its required 4 AA batteries. The graphics could only be displayed in red and black. (, The Nintendo Entertainment System, an 8-bit system, was one of Nintendo's greatest successes. (, Similar to the Game Boy, but with color graphics. The Nintendo GameCube game, Pokémon Channel, features a Pokémon Mini emulator and six games. As the games came on mini-disc it was the first Nintendo home console to solely use a disc format for games. It takes 2 AAA batteries and lasts for a little less time. It features 20 built in games plus, Small, portable LCD games starring who is known today as, The Game Boy was the first portable, interchangeable cartridge handheld by Nintendo. It was also the first (and only) Nintendo system to require additional memory cards in order to save progress. The Nintendo Timeline is a chronological illustration of all major gaming devices released by the company, whether they quietly marked a meaningful stage in … The system also had enhanced graphics. Backwards compatibility with the Game Boy and Game Boy Color continued with the SP. They started out manufacturing playing cards and later printed them with Disney characters. La primera generación apareció con la fundación de Atari, en Estados Unidos en 1972, la primera empresa de videojuegos.