Lee Holt from San Francisco. Retailer Product Shipping Price Price shipping incl. $7.00. This mic, the Neumann KMS 105 is such a pure sound and release to the voice. $4.50. For demanding singers, the microphone for a lifetime! The Neumann KMS 105 handheld condenser microphone gives you studio-quality vocals live on stage. I have several of these, and they’re the most sonorous, articulate stage mic you can get, very similar to the d:facto, but to me, this is a bit more lively, whereas the DPA is quite flat. The Neumann KMS 105 handheld condenser microphone gives you studio-quality vocals live on stage. I plugged them in and then proceeded to test them side by side. Neumann KMS 105 Live Condenser Stage Microphone in immaculate condition. The KMS 105's supercardioid pattern and transparent Price/Day. But...the EV ND767 is 1/5 of the price and the Neumann is definitely not 5 times as better. Price for Neumann KMS 105 Online retailers. I plugged in some of the usual standards, including the trusty 58. Really crispy (but not too much); bright (but not too much) and deep (but not too much bass to kill it). $14.00. 5 Days. 28 Days. $21.00. You know which one I mean. 1 Day. The Neumann KMS 105 is a handheld condensor microphone with Super-cardioid pattern. Neumann KMS 105 MT Condenser Microphone, Super-Cardiod: en 24h from : $699: N/A: Buy » KMS 105 Handheld Condenser Microphone - Nickel: N/A: $699: $699: Buy » Special offers & packs. 12 Days. The price tag is high but the quality is much higher. The high acoustic resolution and smooth frequency response of this microphone ensures the musician has optimal control of the stage performance at all times. The Neumann KK 105-S is the supercardioid capsule of the famed Neumann KMS105 vocal microphone. The capsule is developed for use with the Sennheiser SKM5000 wireless handheld transmitters, delivering the pristine sound quality of the KMS104 to the Sennheiser Evolution series wireless system. Is a reference on the stages of the world. The KMS 105 from Neumann is designed to optimally transmit the human voice under demanding conditions present on the live stage. The KMS 105's supercardioid pattern and transparent off-axis response give it incredibly high gain before feedback, something you'd not necessarily expect from a condenser microphone. 3 Days. Sounds amazing on acoustic guitar as well. The K 105 capsule used in the Neumann KMS-105 was developed from the K 50, found in the KMS 150, KM 150 and KM 185 microphones. $10.50. It's not even twice as better! The K 105 features a supercardioid pattern, achieved by specially modifying the response of the K 50 pressure gradient transducer. Let's get this straight: the Neumann KMS 105 sounds even better!