Please refresh the page and try again. Weight-wise, the MSI Prestige 15 bests the HP Spectre x360 (4.6 pounds, 14.2 x 9.8 x 0.8 inches), Dell XPS 15 (4.5 pounds and 14.1 x 9.3 x 0.5-0.7 inches), and the 16-inch MacBook Pro (4.3 pounds, 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.6 inches). The Prestige 15 also paled in comparison to the scores of the 15-inch HP Spectre x360 (Core i7-8750H), the Dell XPS 15 (Core i9-9980HK), and the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro (Core i9 CPU), which produced scores of 21,889, 28,882, and 31,178, respectively. The thinness of the laptop is also quite an achievement considering the port selection offered. The MSI Prestige 15 is available for purchase at SITEX 2019 at S$2,249 and S$2,649 for the FHD and UHD models respectively. The battery life will vary from specifications and system configuration. The MSI Prestige offers portability, power and endurance in an attractive chassis targeting content creators. Battery life: Tested by MobileMark® 2014 office productivity scenario. The MSI Prestige 15 has a lot of things going for it in terms of desirable aspects for consumers. All three versions are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5. Bottom line: The MSI PS63 Modern delivers a powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (or 1050Ti) in a 15.6-inch Ultrabook, making it a rare find. We used the Full HD version, and for the most part, it delivers. For more intensive activities, you’ll probably squeeze out about 3 to 4 hours out of it, which is still not bad. A testament to how bright the screen is is the fact that it still remains readable even at around 50 to 60 per cent brightness, something that not a lot of thin and light laptops can match. But here's the silver lining: if you're using this webcam to chat with your long-distance honey, your imperfections and flaws will be obscured by the fuzzy digital noise. The MSI Prestige 15's aluminum, elegant design mimics the aesthetic of a suave, color-shy businessman who often says, "Wealth is quiet." We tested how long the MSI Prestige 15 could stay alive with our Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness. Superimposed on the hood is the faint yet fierce MSI dragon logo. Over the weekend, I channeled my inner mad scientist and tested the priciest configuration: the $1,799 15.6-inch MSI Prestige 15 A10SC. The large keys and characters, as if augmented by a magnifying glass, add an extra level of visual assistance and optic ease. Our device came with an Intel Core i7 10710U CPU, and running a Cinebench benchmark test garnered us a score of 1171. I also ran into an issue where two of my USB devices had trouble fitting in the USB ports, only just barely slotting in. To find out more, visit the MSI Carnival Zone within the Gaming Zone at Booth 6A40 in SITEX 2019 from 28 November to 1 December 2019. Despite all the tab juggling, the laptop didn't slow down. As alluded by the name, the Prestige 15 is a laptop with a 15.6-inch IPS screen, coated with a non-reflective matte display. On our heat test, which involves streaming a 15-minute, FHD video in full screen, the touchpad on the MSI Prestige 15 measured 79 degrees Fahrenheit, which fell perfectly below our 95-degree comfort threshold. Admittedly, the device itself is a little bit thicker than the latest 2019 15-inch MacBook Pro, but that little bit additional thickness has somehow allowed MSI to fit in two Type-C Thunderbolt ports, two 3.2 Type-A USB ports, a full-sized HDMI port, a headphone jack and a Micro SD slot. The hottest location, the area between the bottom display bezel and the F11 key, sizzled up to 99 degrees. You will receive a verification email shortly. Knowing first. The company hopes to seduce on-the-go creative professionals  with its ultraportable, lightweight laptop, which is powered by a six-core, 10th-Gen Core i7 U-series processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU. Outlined with a lustrous, blueish-purple trim, the super-wide touchpad features a quick-response fingerprint sensor on the top-left corner. The battery life will vary from specifications and system configuration. The laptop gets pretty hot after a session of 30 minutes, meaning that the two fans that are cooling the system aren’t strong enough to blow out the heat from the system. The jumbo-sized white letters and characters on the stone-colored keycaps provide a soothing visual experience, especially for users who don't have the best visual acuity. Lenovo Yoga C740 dips to $549 in shocking Black Friday sale, Act fast! It lacks ample spring feedback that makes it feel that extra bit better when typing, but overall it is still better than most keyboards from laptops of similar weight and portability. If you'd like to save a few smackaroos, you can nab the $1,499 iteration or the $1,399 base model; both are equipped with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB NVMe SSD, but you'll have to sacrifice the 4K display if you'd like to purchase the latter. For a laptop cranking out a vibrant 4K display all day, the Prestige 15's battery life isn't awful, but there are competing laptops that fare better. The 4K non-OLED HP Spectre x360 also outlasted the Prestige 15 by 14 minutes (8:09). MSI is yearning to win the affections of photographers, video editors, and other artsy professionals with the new Prestige 15 A10SC. This laptop's 4K display will make you drool with awe, particularly with videos that feature vibrant, rich hues, such as the picturesque 4K YouTube nature content I watched with psychedelic rainbow-colored fish dancing underwater and stunning, slithering serpents that seemed so tangible, I could almost feel their scaly skin through the screen. The USB devices themselves were relatively old, but I had no problem slotting them in before even on other new laptops. 15 mins charge with MSI PD adapter from 10?pacity. It’s got solid performace with its 10th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU. This trailed behind the category average of 787.3 MBps, but the Prestige 15 surpassed the Dell XPS 15 (1TB PCle SSD) and the 15-inch HP Spectre x360 (1TB SSD), which scored at 508 MBps and 565.5 MBps, respectively. However, if you’re looking for more multitasking power and longer battery life, I’d recommend the 16-inch MacBook Pro if you can afford it or the Dell XPS 15 if you’re on a bit of a budget. The large island-style, backlit keyboard is easy on the eyes. Outfitted with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU, you can enjoy some light gaming on low-to-medium settings. I watched the 4K version of Tears of Steel, and I could spot all the beautiful imperfections on the characters' faces, from skin bumps underneath a man's eyebrow to blonde strands of vellus hair on a woman's cheek. The 10 hours of battery life… It also features a 4K UHD display with a 3840 x 2160 panel. Cable connections don’t fit in snugly as would be expected, meaning that you’ll find the cables having lots a room to wiggle even when connected. The 4K display offers rich color that’s plenty bright. Unlike the $1,799 and $1,499 versions, which have a 3840 x 2160 display, the base model has a 1920 x 1080 panel. The MSI Prestige 15 gave us a score of 19,022, which dangled behind the category average of 25,370. Let's zoom in on the Geekbench 4.3 test results, which examines the laptop's overall performance. While it may be greatly exaggerated to say that it offers 16 hours of battery life, it still provides a very commendable 8 to 9 hours while using it for browsing and light work. Battery Life. With hardware out of the way, how does the computer perform? Its 1920x1080 IPS level Anti-Glare Wide View Angle Thin Bezel 100%sRGB.The Prestige 15 delivers true-to-life images with MSI's exclusive True Pixel display. The MSI Prestige 15 is touted as a content creator's fantasy laptop, not a gaming rig. The grainy webcam, though, is less-than-impressive and the sound quality of the laptop’s speakers is mediocre. . MSI Prestige 15 battery life. sPower meets extraordinary. MSI ships the Prestige 15 A10SC with a one-year warranty. 2hrs use based on 720P video streaming. On the plus side, the Prestige 15 outdid the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro display (114%), but to be fair, the latter's non-4K display specs makes it an unsuitable opponent. IDG The Prestige … The MSI Prestige 15 proved to be a slacker in our HandBrake Video Editing Test; it took 14 minutes and 46 seconds to transcode a 4K video to 1080p, which fell behind our category average of 9 minutes and 19 seconds. I breezed through typing this review on Google Docs while tapping away on the MSI Prestige 15's visually-pleasing keyboard. The inner lid is framed with super-slim bezels, save for the bottom bezel, which is a thicker anomaly. Highlighting four significant features - AdobeRGB 100% color gamut, Delta E2 and True Color Technology The coolest part of the MSI Prestige 15's design is the 180-degree lay-flat hinge that allows users to convert the laptop into collaboration mode. The screen itself has two variations, a Full HD 1080p screen and an Ultra HD 4K one. . The laptop's sandblasted texture and rich charcoal motif is understated and austere, but its sleek, urbane character gives off an air of sophistication. The MSI brand has been synonymous with gaming in the computer market for the better part of the decade, so it is interesting to see them target a slightly different type of consumer with their newest laptop, the MSI Prestige 15.