– sugar powder for decoration. – 1 cup sugar; I haven’t heard about such dessert. clickmap:true, – one lemon zest; Add 3 tablespoons of sour cream and 2 tablespoons of cocoa, stir to homogeneity and boil. Beat the egg yolks with sugar, add semolina, butter, raisins and lemon zest, then thoroughly mix. The very traditional version consisted mainly of farmer cheese, eggs, sugar, and lemon zest wrapped in a short pastry dough, and flavored with dried fruits such as raisins. The cake just melts in the mouth. Add the beaten whites and raisins to the cottage cheese mass. Grate the outer yellow lemon rind and add it to the mass. But sometimes I like cooking too. Add sifted flour, leaven and egg yolks to the chilled chocolate mass, mix and add another half of whipped whites. Add a few tablespoons of the cheese mass to the pre-steamed and mashed poppy, mix and put into a baking pan. Transfer the dough to the tray and spread it evenly. Mix tablespoon of butter and 2 tablespoons of sugar, put on a small fire and melt constantly stirring. I hope that Lviv Syrnyk according to your recipe is as tasty as the original recipe. Add turmeric, lemon zest, starch (semolina) until homogeneity. Food and Drinks. Knead whites to a thick white foam and add to the cheese mass, mix and put into a baking pan. – 350 grams of sugar; Liza, thank you for the recipe. Mix cheese, eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar in a blender. – 50 grams of raisins; We make it on special occasions. Mix cheese mass with semolina, starch, vanilla sugar, butter and lemon zest using mixer. (Yes, Ukraine is the place where cheesecake can be had first thing in the morning.)

if (w.opera == "[object Opera]") { Lviv Syrnyk is one of the most delicious desserts of Western Ukraine. Add the cheese (if the cheese is grated, smother it in a hasher or blender), mix everything down at a low speed for a minute. Lviv syrnyk is ready for serving. It is a Ukrainian cuisine treasure and existed way before its worldwide popular counterpart Japanese souffle cheesecake. Leave the raisins for half an hour. When cooked, put syrnyk upside down and leave in the form until it cools. – one orange zest; Your oven should be already preheated to 180°C – this kind of dough shouldn’t wait on a table until your oven will heat. I think it’s great that you know how to cook Lviv Syrnyk!!! "Україна" 2016-2020 © Копіювання чи цитування власних матеріалів сайту "Україна" (amazing-ukraine.com) дозволяється лише за наявності активного гіперпосилання на www.amazing-ukraine.com не нижче другого абзацу. – vanilla sugar. Place them in a bowl and pour hot water above. Cool in a half-open oven. Knead whites to a thick white foam. My mother and I love cooking pancakes and different cookies. Syrnyk . Instructions. Mix everything with a blender until you get an even and smooth creamy texture. Fresh, simple cheese is synonymous with Easter baking. When syrnyk is cooled, pour it with a chocolate and add a bit of sugar powder on top. – 180 grams of butter; Add a pinch of salt to egg whites and whip them. My hobbies are scootering and fishing. Pour dried cherry with boiling water for 10 minutes, dry and add to the cheese mass, mix and put it into a baking pan. It is flavored with fresh lemon zest and juice and glazed with chocolate. Wash raisins. s = d.createElement("script"), } catch(e) { } – 1 cup milk; (w[c] = w[c] || []).push(function() { This skill is no less important than the actual preparing. – 120 grams of butter; – 800 grams of sour milk cheese; I visited Lviv many times with my dance class and my parents. – 250 grams of sugar; Preheat oven to 320°F (160°C). Sep 18, 2019 - » Lviv syrnyk with raisins – Ukrainian cheesecake | Sep 18, 2019 - » Lviv syrnyk with raisins – Ukrainian cheesecake | Explore. Put half of the chocolate mass in the baking form, place cheese mass on it and pour it all with chocolate.