Louisiana Style Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya Recipe Using a dutch oven, pour in the vegetable oil and warm it up over medium heat. https://www.thespeckledpalate.com/chicken-sausage-jambalaya Traditionally, it includes smoked sausage like andouille, mixed with other meat or seafood, including chicken, pork, crawfish, or shrimp. Red jambalaya AKA Creole jambalaya includes tomatoes or tomato sauce. Pour in the chopped green onions, diced white onions, … 1. Jambalaya recipes abound in Louisiana and although there are countless variations, there are two basic types – red and brown. Preparation. Add diced Jambalaya is probably one of the most emblematic dishes of Louisiana! It is a one-pot meal composed of meat and vegetables that are mixed with rice. What is jambalaya? Louisiana … Brown jambalaya, sometimes called Cajun jambalaya… In a large black cast iron pot, add 1 cup of cooking oil or bacon drippings over high heat.