^ Linda Richards Biography ^ 小野尚香「リンダ・リチャーズの人と思想」1、「保健婦雑誌」vol.53 No.1 p.69 ^ 当時のアメリカの女性医師の中では卓越した存在で、スイスを中心にヨーロッパ各地で4年間滞在し、カイザースヴェルトのディアコニッセの活動についても関心をもっていた。 Linda Richards The recipient of the first diploma awarded by the nation’s first school of nursing, Linda Richards recognized the nation’s need for professionally-trained nurses and dedicated her life’s work toward the creation of training institutions to meet that need, in hospitals, homes and communities. Richards created a system for charting and maintaing individual medical records for each patient while she was at Bellevue Hospital in New York. 114 pearl street port chester ny 10573 | tel: 212-382-2257 | email:info@lindarichards.com In 1872 Linda Richards graduated after one year of training from the New England Hospital for Women,: Linda Richards is considered America's first trained nurse. She started working as a nurse back when nursing education was virtually non-existent, but then enrolled as the first student in the first U.S Who's Who in the Nursing World: Linda Richards is an article from The American Journal of Nursing, Volume 21. Emergence of American Nursing … View more articles from The American Journal of... Addeddate 2013-03-11 22:28:30 Article-type misc External-identifier Linda Richards holds the honorable title of becoming America's first nurse. Linda Richards Hughes Wilkie R.N. AJN The American Journal of Nursing: April 1941 - Volume 41 - Issue 4 - ppg 437 Original Article: PDF Only ". Linda Richards (1841-1930) was the first American to train professionally as a nurse. In 1886