Lecha Dodi-Baruch Levine (Winning Song #23) Rabbos-Abie Rotenberg and Shlomo Simcha: Hiney Ma Tov-Shalsheles: Mimkomcha (Chazzanus) Kol Dodi-Ishay Ribo (Winning Song #22) Livchor Nachon-Amir Dadon (Winning Song #21) Limaan Achai-Shlomo Carlebach: Olatz-Shalsheles: Shema-Yaakov Shwekey (Winning Song #20) All From Above (Winning Song #19) Print this article Font size -16 + After waiting nearly five years for the long-awaited release of his album of Shabbos songs and after releasing a cover of the original Bar Yochai, Itzik Eshel releases the song “Lecha Dodi”. Shliach and Son Sing “Lecha Dodi” Watch: Lipetsk Shliach Rabbi Shmuli Stiefel and his son Meir Nosson sing the prayer "Lecha Dodi," for a series of videos to help people familiarize themselves with the prayers and tunes so Davening is a more meaningful experience.Full Story, Video Naomi N. Decatur, Alabama February 27, 2008. l Cho Dodi Thank you to Michael in Germany for the words to the song. The Lecha Dodi is poetry based on quotes of the Bible and Talmud arranged in such a way that it leaves one with a sense of the lost and found element – a lover being reunited with his beloved. It was very thoughtful and kind of you to respond. It is part of the Kabbalat Shabbat ("welcoming of Sabbath"). There are numerous melodies that were written for this song from around the world, each tune differing slightly depending on the culture and sect of Judaism. Lecho dodi, likras kaloh penei shabbos nekabeloh Shomor vezochor bedibur echod hishmi'anu El hameyuchod Hashem echod ush'mo echod leshem ulesif'eres ve-li-sehiloh Lecho dodi... Likras shabbos lechu v'nel-choh ki hi mekor hab'rochoh merosh mikedem nesuchoh sof ma'aseh b'mach'shovoh techiloh Lecho dodi... Mik'dash melech ir meluchoh kumi tze'i mitoch hahafechah rav loch sheves be'emek … Itzik Eshel Presents: Lecha Dodi in five melodies. Reply. One track in five different and original melodies. On the grammar, history and theology of Lecha Dodi One can argue that Lecha Dodi is the hymn par excellence of Kabbalah. Lecha Dodi I LOVE this beautiful melody Reply. Lekha Dodi (Hebrew: לכה דודי ‎; also transliterated as Lecha Dodi, L'chah Dodi, Lekah Dodi, Lechah Dodi; Ashkenazic pronunciation: Lecho Dodi) is a Hebrew-language Jewish liturgical song recited Friday at dusk, usually at sundown, in synagogue to welcome Shabbat prior to the evening services. (HIs first name is coded acrostically into the first four stanzas of the hymn.) The poem was composed in the 16th century by Rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz, a Safed Kabbalist. 22 Jun, 2011 by yossi. Having the words to the song will help me to enjoy the song even more. Despite the origin of this song being deeply rooted in Kabbalah, “Lecha Dodi” and the depiction of Shabbat as a bride both serve as unique ways to remember the sanctity and beauty of this special day.