Advice for heating a Kombucha brew properly... , with the ideal temp being 78. Thanks! I have been impressed with this product. I researched other heating 'pads', and pads i would add my own thermostat too, which was about the same cost as yours. The product works great, just as described! I have it tucked under the t-shirt and I'm still able to keep a close eye on the temperature. After all, to buy the mat is like buying only about five weeks of kombucha if you drink it every day. Reviewed by sheri in Falcon co, 10/25/17. It get very chilly in New Hampshire so the heating strip and thermometer really are key to making awesome booch. Hannah's Year-Round heating system is PERFECT! I also purchased the heating system with dimmer and one heating system without. Reviewed by Linda Howell (Somerville Tn). I had a problem with my unit shortly after I received my order but Kombucha Kamp sent another unit out promptly with no charge. Utilizing brand new technology perfected and patented only recently, this heating system is not only the perfect size to fit our Continuous Brewers but will keep your brew at the optimum temperature you desire all year long. . I don't know that I'll ever want to do much with flavors, but the possibilities are intriguing and vinegar is definitely on my list. Thank You Hannah for making the brewing process so simple! (Hey Austin - thanks for the feedback, we have improved the directions for new brewers! Thanks Kombucha Mamma for all you do to help us out and for designing this great product! It has no thermostat and has to be managed manually. Reviewed by Natasha M (Metaline Falls, WA). I don't know why I didn't discover Kombucha sooner. Choose the Heating System you prefer to keep your Kombucha warm all year! Thanks Hannah! I could not regulate the temperature of my KT glass jar no matter where I put it in my home. Works great. I don't even have the heater up a full half of what its capable of and the brew is at 78-80 degrees. Works well and so easy to use. The Kombucha Heating Mat System with Dimmer makes the job of keeping the Kombucha at the correct temperature easier. I ordered the wrong heating unit but was able to easily return it for a larger one. It is easy to use and really convenient. I love it! We produce a brew much quicker now too. I can count on it. I have recently purchased the heating strip because with the air conditioner on my tea is not warm enough! I ordered it and I couldn't believe how fast it shipped to me! If it brews at lower temperatures, one may experience a flatter, more "dirty" tasting Kombucha that lacks the apple-y sour bite of a delicious, properly brewed Kombucha. I recently ordered more pots, this time I ordered the new Pro-line heater with dimmer which I will wrap around 2 pots, and I’ll move the regular size to my gallon brews, serpentining it between the pots. Finally, you'll be in control of your ferment cycle all year round. My apartment has been really cold for a month now and if it wasn't for the heating strip my Kombucha would have taken forever to frement. I live in New York and we had a very cold winter this year and it gets pretty cold in my apartment and very hot in summer. I live in the Mountains in a Dome Home and have a pellet stove for heat. Great tool for a perfect brew! Happy Kombucha=Happy Me. The flexibility of the heating strip is great! :) Thank you Hanna for all of your wonderful products, awesome knowledge and Rockstar customer service! Thank you for your commitment to quality. I am so glad I found Kombucha Kamp. My brew is still warm. Not good! Continuous brew is the ONLY way to go!! I quickly realized that I needed a heating strip with dimmer, to be a successful brewer. Great site, thanks. $85 for the heater will be "saved" after only two weeks worth of homebrewed kombucha!!) Take the leap and stop thinking about it. (Greenville TX). My last batch of booch took over a month to brew. as the bacteria get "sleepy" and have a difficult time protecting themselves at the low temperature. Love the heater strip. (West Chicago IL). My preference is the FERMENT FRIEND, the scoby it produces is BEAUTIFUL and the brew is very tasty. If heat is needed to produce the best results, we offer 3 models of custom made Kombucha Mamma Heating Mats, all specifically designed to heat from the side for optimal use with Kombucha and all and made from extremely efficient, award-winning heating material. It is flexible and can adapt to whatever containers I want to wrap it around. It dials up and down and is keeping my kombucha between 78-80. This heater is perfect. I also appreciate the exceptional customer service when I needed to solve a problem. After a quick email exchange and some problem shooting, Kombucha Kamp determined it was a bad heater and shipped another one out to me right away. Right now my setting is as low as it can get because the temp gets too hot otherwise. Not good! After using seed germination pads which, at the most, will raise the temperature about 5 degrees if you're lucky, I bit the bullet and laid out the cash. Works great. Thanks Hannah! Just started using it and it already has my Kombucha at the exact temp I need it at! Wonderful product that everyone needs. I live in Montréal and we have 8 cold months and only 4 "decent" Kombucha ideal temperature months. Thanks much! Check out the product listings for current photos. This heater works great. This simplifies brewing and I only have to take an occasional peek at the thermometer strip to be sure it's in the correct range and adjust the slider as needed. This heater really does work and the adjustable switch is the key for me. I haven't had to check my heat tape once. Reviewed by Christopher Nail. I enjoy the fact that I can brew without worry of fires and have a continuous temperature. I tried a heating pad and it just did not do the job. Thanks for all the great info. When I called to make sure the system would be enough for my 3 gallon vessel or if I needed to upgrade to the PRO, instead of telling me to upgrade (more $$) they told me to just put a towel around it. Check out the product listings for current photos. PRO LINE - Larger Heating Mat (7" x 27") provides 2.5 times the heating power. Also I was going to call and order 2 scobys this morning and it said to call back.