Honda Gold Wing A host of improvements give it even better handling than before by TJ Hinton, on January 15, 2020, 04:00 Honda shows its commitment to continual improvement with … The reach to the Gold Wing's unique cast aluminum handlebars is easy, and all of the controls -- both on the bars and on the bike itself -- are logically placed and clearly labeled. Image Source:,, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Something that I found particularly interesting about the DCT is that you can feel and hear it working inside the motorcycle. Honda is currently the only motorcycle manufacturer to equip its bikes with Apple CarPlay, and of all Honda's bikes, the Gold Wing got it first. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Namely, this six-pot helps to lower the center of gravity, which on a bike as heavy as the Gold Wing -- my tester clocks in at a porcine 800 pounds -- is important. 2020 Honda Gold Wing DCT Technical Specifications And Price The Honda Gold Wing uses a 1,833cc flat-six that is the epitome of refinement. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship. Yet another gang of buttons ride atop the 5.55-gallon fuel tank to finish out the HMI. ... Honda announces availability and small changes as well as new colors and pricing for its 2020 Gold Wing flagship tourer. If anything, I find I want to spend even more time with it. This works a lot like it sounds. So far so good for the Roadmaster, but that’s about to change. It's brilliant. The obvious go-to competitor in the American market is Harley-Davidson, but the resurgent Indian Motorcycle factory gives me a viable option, so with that in mind, I grabbed the full-dress Indian Roadmaster for my head-to-head. 2020 Honda Gold Wing DCT first ride review: 'Wing Commander It's big, expensive and heavy, but it's also one of the most pleasant motorcycles on sale today. At the bottom of the range, the base-model Gold Wing Tour rolls for $27,500. The flat-six engine keeps the bike's bulk low in the chassis, which helps the bike lean more easily and feel more stable in a corner. This is the first motorcycle I've ever ridden with a parking brake. I tend to be pragmatic about power and performance, but gotta’ say Indian knows how to build a good-looking engine. If you grab the front brake lever, it also acts proportionately and automatically on the rear brake. You can feel the little sniks and clunks as it works its way through the gears. Also unique to the DCT Gold Wing is the addition of a parking brake, the lever sitting down near the rider's left knee. This makes maneuvering the big Honda into and out of parking spaces extremely easy and should be a more common feature on heavy touring bikes and baggers. Around the backside of the glass there’s a seven-inch TFT screen and a brace of analog clocks for the speed and tach with LCD screens set outboard to wrap up the instrumentation. Another piece of standout engineering on the Gold Wing since its 2018 relaunch is the Hossack-style front end. He currently holds an Associate's degree in applied mechanical science from his time at the M.M.I. The brilliant front suspension adds a considerable measure of stability, both in corners and under braking, thus increasing confidence on curvy roads. I would say that if you're considering the Gold Wing, definitely opt for the Tour version, which adds a sizable top box to the mix, if only so you have a convenient place to put your helmet when you're not on the bike. The saddle slings your butt 29.3 inches off the ground, and I gotta’ say that’s trending toward the tall end of the touring spectrum, but the low center-of-gravity makes the Gold Wing Tour line easy to handle at stops and in the parking lot. Of course, at the time, I didn't believe him because how good could it really be, right? Furthermore, the connection between the throttle and the engine feels flawless. The system works beautifully, adding to the 'Wing's feeling of nimbleness. It's a weird thing to get used to, and I'm guilty of leaving it on once or twice and trying to ride off. “The new Gold Wings will certainly appeal to the existing Wing-Dingers out there, but I question how competitive it will actually be against the two major U.S. brands. The flagship sails back into the lineup with a few tweaks and new colors. The Gold Wing mill is all business while the Indian V-Twin seems to say “party over here.” The Thunder Stroke’s faux flathead construction and chromed-out appointments balanced against its “serious business” engineering, churning out a solid 126 pound-feet of torque against the Gold Wing’s 125 pounds o’ grunt, a difference not even detectable on the best calibrated heinie dyno. First Look: 2020 Honda Gold Wing Features And Availability. The engine's power is always there when you ask for it, and that's also reassuring. The feel at the brake lever is also great, with a firm pull and excellent initial bite. As for power, the factory claims 124.6 ponies and 125 pounds o’ grunt, but of course, that’s measured at the shaft; the power that makes it to the rear wheel actually looks more like 97/108, respectively. October 24, 2019. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Say hello to the ultimate Japanese luxury tourer, the 2018 Honda Gold Wing. Cast wheels round out the rolling chassis with a 130/70-18 hoop up front opposite a fat, 200/55-16, and the braking duties fall to dual, 320 mm discs and six-piston binders and an unusually large 316 mm disc out back with electronically-controlled combined ABS protection all around. The factory even added a second USB port to expand the recharging/powering options for your various mobile devices. For years now, the Honda Gold Wing has been seen as the sole province of dads in middle management who want to cut loose and feel the wind in their faces, but only a little. Fast-forward to 2019, and my friend Davey starts raving about the new Gold Wing DCT like a maniac. Another uniquely Gold Wing feature is the electric reverse and "walking" mode that now ditches motivation from the starter motor for an additional gear set in the transmission. If you have a hard time imagining what that feels like, the horsepower maxes out at 5,550 rpm, but the stump-pulling torque comes on at a low 1,210 rpm to give you usable power very low in the rev-range. If you step up to the Tour model (a $3,500 premium), you also get an electronically adjustable suspension with presets for all combinations of rider, passengers and baggage. ABS is a stock feature across the board, as is a variable power-delivery feature, so neither gets the upper hand there. Indian provides the same level of protection for the pilot with an adjustable windscreen, full front fender and fairing lowers, but rather than using a fixed fairing it opted for a more traditional fork-mount fairing to punch a hole in the weather. Above the fender, the cowling opens up into a sportbike-like scoop forcing ram-air through the radiator and into the pair of large vents around the backside where it re-integrates with the slipstream for efficient low-drag cooling. LED lights out back ensure that you remain visible to the following traffic, and of course, you can count on safe, dry storage in the lockable, 50-liter top case and hard side bags for oodles of touring capacity right out of the box. The Gold Wing suffers from none of the fueling woes of other modern motorcycles trying to meet emissions standards through ever-leaning air-fuel ratios. Well, Davey certainly was a maniac, but it seems history has proven him right. A lot of that has to do with the way that the Gold Wing hides its weight. Indian has no counter for the DCT gearbox or the airbag system the Gold Wing brings to the table, so if you want/need that automatic transmixxer, Honda has the only game in town. After spending a few weeks with the 2020 version, I'm also a convert. Other mod-cons include five-stage heated grips and an electronically height-adjustable windscreen. When it comes to electronics, it's clear the Gold Wing has more than its fair share. Sure, the Gold Wing is expensive -- my tester has an asking price of $25,000 -- but it's always been expensive, and there have always been (and will always be) people who value what the Gold Wing offers. The adjustable windscreen means that the odds are good that anyone will be able to find the right amount of wind protection on the freeway, and the instrument panel and infotainment screen are both highly legible both in bright sunlight and at night and are great to use. The 2020 Gold Wing is a whole lotta motorcycle, but it's also way more agile and athletic than it looks. The closely spaced gears and surprisingly smooth shifts make for quick trips down freeway on-ramps, and the system's willingness to drop gears or work in manual mode makes passing on the freeway a breeze too.