I absolutely loved this ride and its incorporation of mythology! BUT the second I was off the ride I said “ That was AWESOME!” I was incredibly excited and wanted to ride the coaster again. That’s because – quite unlike Disney or Universal’s parks – SeaWorld has been handed from owner to owner over the course of its nearly 45-year life, bending continuously to the changing whims of changing powers and changing times. The large Madusa head is also still above you before you go up the first lift hill, but her eyes no longer glow a “scary” green and there’s no lightning effect. We’ve made it our mission here at Theme Park Tourist to chronicle the in-depth, full stories behind  landmark attractions across the world... including those that taught us what not to do... And that brings us to our Declassified Disasters series, examining failures and flops from Stitch’s Great Escape to Superstar Limo; the Rocket Rods, to Epcot’s Journey into YOUR Imagination and many more. SMH. I mentioned that the change to Journey to Atlantis mirrors a major downgrade at Cincinnati's Kings Island when TOMB RAIDER: The Ride became the generic The Crypt. Just a few years later, SeaWorld caught on to the technology’s adaptability long before Disney would, swapping the queue and ride film to create Wild Arctic. I have always spoken highly of this ride as the first hybrid coaster/flume ride with excellent mythological story elements. That was the year that Orlando became home to the Disney-MGM Studios, followed shortly by Universal Studios Florida; the dawn of the "Ride the Movies" era that would see competition in Central Florida (and indeed, all of North America) rachet up as amusement parks across the country were gobbled up by movie studios, eager to follow Disney and Universal's new route to accessible and affordable theme parks. I loved Journey to Atlantis and even the unfitting Beetlejuice song (Which could be changed to a more fitting escaping-like soundtrack) that played everytime I rode it, now it seemed like it was killed off when it came to the time to make improvements. SeaWorld had been a Central Florida staple since 1973 – opening just two years after Walt Disney World! Home | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Refund Policy | Ad Info Just taking away ride elements? Required fields are marked *. Journey to Atlantis. The beetle juice music? And if SeaWorld were determined to evolve into a standalone theme park earning a precious day of tourists' Orlando vacation (and a steep entry fee on top of it), that would require a truly monumental nautical fable... And when it comes to legends of the sea, one whale of a tale seemed perfectly primed for a SeaWorld adventure. We’d go to Sea World for months and every time we went on this ride, it was broken. @ Danielle Here's Why: Was Disney's First "Beauty and the Beast" Ride Worth the 30 Year Wait? Your email address will not be published. Also I wasn’t even 10 yet. In fact, that Cleveland-area park is itself a good example of SeaWorld's push in the era since, restricted from building roller coasters due to a county height requirement, SeaWorld actually put in a bid to purchase the operating Six Flags Ohio located directly across a lake (but in a different county); famously, Six Flags counter-offered to instead buy SeaWorld, combining them into the world's largest theme park... before it all predictably crashed and burned. Journey to Atlantis A family ride that’s part water ride, part coaster, and altogether exciting. A cacophony of independently moving effects are probably better than a too-complex story. Journey to Atlantis is a water roller coaster located at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida. Maybe you’d call it a theme park. Now they ruined it. DECLASSIFIED DISASTERS: Journey to Atlantis: What IS SeaWorld? The ride combines roller coaster elements, such as chain lifts and steep drops, with boat-based attraction elements, such as splash-down landings. Then, when it comes to the mermaid being revealed to be the villian as we take up on the lift, rather than being outside of the open, the ride can instead be covered to prevent the sunlight being shown, and it would have the modern day projection screens that would show us trying to escape from the Medusa, Hermes in his Sea Horse form also trying to keep out of the antagonist's reach. Thoughts? VelociCoaster is Going to Change EVERYTHING at Universal Orlando Resort. Just went on the ride and I have to say… Sadness… Me and my sister loved the story of the “mermaids” (come on people we all know they were sirens), and we felt the magic. Ps before you judge, don’t bother because I don’t care what a bunch of strangers think. Folded in here is SeaWorld’s commendable animal rehabilitation and release program (which has rescued well over 25,000 animals in its history) and its AZA-accredited zoological practices (including enrichment, veterinary care, exhibit design, etc.) Anheuser-Busch breweries in Tampa, Florida and Williamsburg, Virginia had long been adjoined by Busch Gardens parks that, in a post-Magic-Kingdom-era, were flourishing. The roller coaster portion of Journey to Atlantis concludes with the cars sailing back into the water flume for a soaking finale. I assumed that I was just too old, but now I realize it’s missing something vital to it’s wonder. Seems like we've escaped, right? • Q&A: Former Imagineer Eddie Soto The story of Atlantis has endured for centuries and centuries, a mythological marvel as celebrated as the gods of old. The Journey to Atlantis ride ride at SeaWorld Orlando recently reopened after refurbishment as a more family-friendly ride. Journey to Atlantis was poised to be the perfect blend, matching Disney note-for-note in thrills, theme, score, special effects, and story. • Table Service: City Works at Disney Springs Oh no! I'm also the researcher behind Theme Park Tourist's Legend Library – filled with stories of Lost Legends, Modern Marvels, Declassified Disasters, and more. SeaWorld's quick and cutting-edge adaptation of the still-new Star Tours technology demonstrated a new model for the park. the elvator takes you up, after which you bypass into the VERY short curler coaster area of the journey. Rides Flume ride - 42 inches to ride ★ ★ ★ ☆ See all photos | Submit Photo. (The Williamsburg park, in particular, has hosted two rides that are the subject of their own in-depth features – a Lost Legend: Big Bad Wolf and another Declassified Disaster: Drachen Fire.). The next change you may notice is that the “Beetlejuice” music has been removed as well. The audio before this drop was not working. Even if the 1980s and '90s had seen a wave of movie studios try to break into the “studio park” business, the international brewing company (producers of Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob, Rolling Rock, Shock Top, and dozens of other recognizable alcoholic beverages) seemed to have no connection to the world of animal parks. They have really spoilt what was my favourite ride… and as to the ‘scary’ aspect.. c’mon not everything needs sugar coated, think how emotional all the early Disney movies were… children need to learn how to deal with all aspects of life. The ride still takes you through the lost city of Atlantis, but the story of the mermaids pretending to be nice then turning evil and the effects that go with it have ended. Visit our Store or Click Here to order yours. That’s history they’re taking away. Great point! It, too, became The Crypt when Cedar Fair took over, but it kept all of its light theming and, ultimately, was the better experience! The original Journey to Atlantis made its debut in 1998 at SeaWorld Orlando. That’s because they’d been operating their own theme parks for decades.