$500 $500. Singer … Singer vs Janome comparison naturally comes to mind when you are looking for a quality sewing machine. 1100: Yes: Yes: Yes: Yes: 10: N/A: 25 year: $200-$299: Singer … Janome HD3000 and Singer 4452 differ a lot in terms of built-in stitches, but one common factor is their stitch quality. I have to tell you now that both machines are excellent overall. 17 Gadgets. Click a column header to sort each column. Whether you choose the computerized Janome 7330 sewing machine or the heavy-duty Singer … Much like Janome, Elna machines tend to be of good quality. Singer, Janome and Brother sewing machines are featured. Bernina and Janome are generally rated very highly for quality, Bernina in particular! They do tend to be more expensive though. Conclusions. Click the model name to read the review. Get most … 100 $ Lowest price. Janome Magnolia 7318 vs SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 . Janome HD3000 Vs Singer 4452 Comparison In … Janome vs Singer: Final Thoughts. 56 Features. Both are quality heavy duty machines. You probably want to know which machine is the best. Singer HD-110 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine: 16 lbs. 500 $ Highest price. Just in case you didn’t manage to read all of that, here are some cliff notes! However, most people tend to stick to the machine they started with, often missing … Janome DC2013 vs SINGER Quantum Stylist 9985 .