Ready in less than 5 minutes, it is … It’s just as creamy and luscious and indulgent tasting, with far lower calories. 4. I’d really love to know what you think if you try any of them! Mild and delicate, they pair wonderfully with peppery radishes and chopped hard-boiled eggs in this easy salad. N x, Hi Nagi, from Canada, But by using a good, thick yogurt in place of mayonnaise and adjusting seasonings to compensate for the loss of fat in the dressings, you can still make very, very good creamy dressings that you can use generously on your salads. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. It was deeeelicious! It fills my entire Dyson, every time!! Yum yum! “Healthy” has a bad reputation for meaning “bland”. Already bookmarked for later! A fabulously creamy, flavour loaded potato salad dressing made without mayonnaise IS possible! Plus, it's flavor-packed thanks to a quick-to-fix honey mustard. Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing – another all purpose beauty (because I use this on everything). Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, red onion, optional chicken and bacon, drizzled with this Yogurt Ranch Dressing. I haven’t tried any of these yet! I made the yoghurt Caesar dressing yesterday, sadly, I had no anchovies just added extra 1/2 tsp of garlic. There’s no denying that when you strip fat out of salad dressings, you lose a certain element of creaminess on your palette as you munch through a pile of crunchy greens. We served it with stuffed mushrooms so tonight we will have the grilled chicken version. I would like to know if you could publish the Calories for the Caesar please? Choose from an all purpose Lemon Yogurt Dressing, a No Mayo Potato Salad Dressing, a flavour packed healthier Yogurt Caesar Salad Dressing, Yogurt Ranch Dressing AND a wickedly creamy oil-free Honey Mustard Dressing! I’ve used their Greek style natural yogurt for as long as I can remember. ✋. Take your veggies and dip to the next level with this colorful crudité wreath. As the base of this herb-spiked dressing, pureed cucumber provides a mellow grassy flavor and a luxurious texture. © 2020 is part of the Allrecipes Food Group. Sweet raisins, honey and carrot juice balance the heat of crushed red pepper in this brightly colored vinaigrette. So it was a no brainer when they asked if I’d create a recipe for them!! The best alternative is to make dressing from scratch. Today’s recipe is brought to you courtesy of Farmers Union. It’s made with Greek yogurt, olive oil, garlic, and a nice hit of freshness from lemon. – N x. Hi! The homemade ranch dip, which uses nonfat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, takes just a few minutes to make, or you can use a healthy store-bought dip. Five creamy Yogurt Salad Dressings made with NO MAYONNAISE! Hi Nagi. The creamy citrus dressing on this healthy autumn-inspired salad brings out the intense ... EatingWell Crudité Vegetable Wreath with Ranch Dip. Can it be frozen? It’s so good!! Here’s my top 5: 1. Slightly tart, this creamy dressing suits coleslaw or a cucumber salad. When you give it a big shake, the oil emulsifies with the other ingredients so you end up with a beautiful creamy dressing. PS Yes, his Modesty Daisy will always be present when he’s splaying it all out like that. Always has been, for as long as I can remember. Choose the tangiest aged blue cheese you can find; its flavor will go a long way. N x, Nagi, you are amazing! I made the oil-free honey mustard dressing with onion powder instead of garlic powder, because it’s what I happened to have, and it was really good. Thank you Nagi. The simplest way to ruin a healthy salad is to douse it with calorie-laden dressing. This healthy Greek Yogurt Salad Dressing recipe is creamy, flavorful, easy to make, and tastes better than any store bought dressing. Use milk to adjust consistency. Fair question – because the amount of olive oil used is a tiny fraction of the amount of oil in the mayo you’d use to make the equivalent amount of dressing. Thank you, You’re totally converted now – think of all the options!!! I want to cook your Healthier Caesar Salad but I’m counting calories (eating healthier to loss weight). My husband loved it also. Yogurt is incredibly healthy, offering benefits for heart health, weight management and more. – Nagi, Hi Nagi, I’ve only just recently come across your website and I’m loving your recipes! But my favourite is to use it for what I call a SouthWest Salad, pictured below. – N x. I made the ranch, honey mustard, and the Cesar. These healthier creamy salad dressings taste so good, you might ditch that jar of mayo for good. Pureeing vegetables into a salad dressing is a great way to give it body (and to sneak in more low-cal vegetables). Making this healthy and creamy salad dressing cannot be easier. I use your recipes everyday. Yogurt Potato Salad Dressing – I love the little pops of mustard seeds in this. . I’m going to try the yogurt one today for a potato salad. Not too tart! I love hearing how you went with my recipes! Brought to you in partnership with Farmers Union Greek-style Yogurt. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. I love your recipes!! A tablespoon of honey adds sweetness and a hint of floral flavor to this delicious blue cheese dressing. Just made the caesar dressing with 0% fat yogurt. Here are 7 reasons to add yogurt to your diet today. You just need to cook clever and get creative! Tomatillo Ranch … Thanks for picking this up! Mix ingredients in a bowl. Dip fresh vegetables in it for a quick snack. I always bought yogurt based dressing from the store and it gets expensive. Oil Free Honey Mustard Dressing – take my favourite Honey Mustard Dressing and switch all the oil with yogurt = same creamy lusciousness with less guilt! Garlic and fresh herbs star in this creamy yogurt-based dressing. Oak leaf and baby romaine lettuces are so tender they're best eaten straight from the garden or at least within a day or two of picking. It is 4, 5, 6, 7x lower in cal than the mayo version of each of the dressings I shared. Spicy Joint’s Creamy Sesame Sauce Lettuce Salad, Carnitas (Mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork). That’s great to hear Mizz, thanks so much! I was excited to find these until I saw every single recipe has olive oil in it. When choosing a healthy salad dressing, look for healthy, unsaturated fats like olive, canola, avocado or vegetable oil over saturated fats like buttermilk, mayonnaise, egg yolks or cheese. Healthier Yogurt Caesar Dressing – this packs a serious flavour punch, just like the classic Caesar Salad Dressing. Join my free email list to receive THREE free cookbooks! Note whether sugar is added and watch how much sodium is in your dressing, too. Set aside for 30 minutes+ to allow flavours to develop. Avoid that diet disaster with these smart picks. However, most dressings tend to be not only high in calories but also not the healthiest choice you can make. Anyways, thank you so much for your effort and the great recipes! Everyone is impressed, only wish I could take credit. Raw tomatillos replace the tang usually provided by buttermilk in this creamy salad dressing recipe. That’s great to hear Michelle, I’m so glad you love them all! This is my all purpose yogurt dressing, the one I use for any salad whether it’s a simple garden salad, a full loaded chicken salad, a pasta salad (like classic Macaroni Salad), Creamy Broccoli Salad or Coleslaw. – N x. Hi Nagi, I made the creamy lemon dressing to go with a chicken rice salad: brown rice & quinoa mix, woollies cooked chook shredded, quartered cherry tomatoes, rocket layered/mix with the plenty of dressing; dressing gave it a refreshing lift, yummo!!!! Simply put all the ingredients in a bowl or a mason jar. A simple dressing, using yogurt rather than mayo, moistens the chicken in this tasty lightened-up chicken salad. Yummy Caesar dressing but lots left over. Creamy blue cheese dressing is still rich and delicious when you make it with low-fat dairy products and reduced-fat mayonnaise. Required fields are marked *.