Guerrilla Marketing - Importance and How Does It Work. Viral. Guerrilla Marketing - Importance and How Does It Work This is to give you an information about the importance of Guerrilla Marketing and how does it work to promote an event or product. But guerrilla marketing is tactical, strategical placed in your face marketing that you don't really realize as marketing. Follow No tag on any scoop yet. While there is an argument to be made that all forms of guerrilla marketing are viral to a certain extent, the concept is important enough to warrant discussion. Here is my point and, by all means, I invite you to chip in. Home; About Us; Training; Services. Does that make sense? guerrilla marketing and how this can be used in a successful way. Guerrilla Marketing is a means to gain maximum exposure through minimal cost to the company. Inspired by guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing uses similar sort of tactics in the marketing industry. _____ Keywords Guerrilla Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Attitude, Brand Image ... it is also important to arouse the emotions of the message receiver and this is one of the key elements in guerrilla marketing. 9. In the 1960’s US firms brought the “Guerrilla” tactics to marketing, when they needed new ways to outdo competitors. So, I would like to make a distinction between what guerrilla marketing is … The 'flash mob' craze of several years ago is a good example of experiential guerrilla marketing in action. 228 views | +0 today. Some of it is just excellent marketing. HISTORY “Guerrilla” stood for an attack strategy based on the surprise effect and on acts of sabotage used by smaller groups that stood against bigger groups. Identifying a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign. Ahhh guerilla marketing. Guerrilla Marketing is similar, except we’re not trying to kill our customers… but rather get them on side. Search Engine Optimization; Social Media Marketing(SMM) Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Web Designing It's was one of my favorite category that I learned about in school. We’ve put together the upsides and downsides of Guerrilla Marketing, along with a collection of the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of this technique. Not everything that makes you stop and look is guerilla marketing.