Identifying the weak and strong points of the process is vital for a company. What are the philosophies of marketing management? What is the History of Business Administration? A business administrator presides over the daily operations of an organization that is created to provide goods or services to others. Higher education in the United States has very deep roots. Whether you are working with distributors that are small businesses or you are starting your own business, business administration includes an understanding of entrepreneurship: tax structures for small businesses along with personnel issues at that level, inventory and cash flow, and all the other small matters that make a big difference to a new or small business. The history of business administration … In addition, as internally the tasks have been optimized, the employee’s work becomes more effective and he feels more comfortable when he observes that he has less wear and tear in the fulfillment of his tasks. The effective management of resources is the key to the growth and prosperity of an organization. Good administrative management brings a company various benefits. A company must survive in a changing environment. A business administrator might work in a variety of settings including a small business, non-profit organization, government agency or an educational institution. An associate degree will prepare you to enter the workforce sooner because of the shorter period of time they take to complete. These must be informed to the personnel that make it up, so that everyone can work in unison based on the consolidation of the proposed objectives. Importance of Business Administration and Management in an Organization, Amazon AWS EC2 Instances, How does it work. The success of the administration is that it manages to increase and maintain high levels of efficiency in each of the human, financial, material and technological elements that make up the company. Many business administration programs across the country offer certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. To maximize the benefits and minimize the risks, cost controls are exercised and an accounting system is established that allows reliability to the data that is projected. Otherwise, it could disappear due to mismanagement. The founder of a business can function as the administrator,or another person can be hired to oversee the functions of the business operations. Business administration … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. in Business Administration? It is essential that the company has clear and well defined goals and purposes. The importance of the administration covers all those relevant aspects of this process, which have a positive impact on the scope of the organization's objectives. You may master the theories and constructs of business, and you may naturally possess an entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout the process, evaluations of the strategies are carried out. Important points of administration: Below is a complete list of all the benefits offered by the administration that give rise to their importance for organizations? This will be the basis for the organization to achieve the expected results. Your email address will not be published. How MBA can boost my career? The organization needs to project itself, both internally and externally, with a strong and consolidated image. One of the principles of administration is to improve effectiveness. Overproduction, the time lost between each process, the excess inventory of a material, production defects and even the waste of human resources are examples of waste in a company. For its part, the organization will understand more about their needs and offer them better products and services. * Create and execute relevant knowledge about the correct way to use and optimize the resources that are available to operate an organization. Waste within a company is a very important aspect. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. To achieve this, the administration uses as a strategy a successful combination between the different resources.