Cookie Policy. You seat is too high if your hips rock while pedalling. Jun 27, 2012 STEP 1: Set cleats Commonly, men prefer it tipped up while women prefer it tipped down slightly. Awesome fatbike and awesome service by choosemybicycle. While they can't tackle extreme terrain and weather conditions like a mountain bike or ride as fast and nimble as a skinny-tired road bike, hybrids are a good choice for those who don't have space or the finances to afford both a commuter and a recreational bike. For mountain and hybrid bikes, these exact angles are not as critical since the riding positions are often more upright and relaxed. 8 Characters]. Chennai - 600032, Tamil Nadu, India I ride this cycle daily to my office which is 3 km from my home. Please enter your query. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, What You Need to Know About Road Bike Sizing and Fit, Different Kinds of Bikes Pedal to the Beat of Their Own Drum. 98, The cycle was delivered to me like i had got the cycle from the shop. The best hybrid bikes are measured from the center of the bottom bracket (BB) to the top of the seat tube. The ultimate beginner's bike and more!! A well-adjusted bike will not only increase your performance on the saddle, but also keep all aches and pains at bay. Go for it.. P.S: I must mention, d buying experience from CMB is just awesome! is the Exclusive Distributor for Bianchi in India. BMX bikes require different saddle heights for the type of riding, primarily racing, jumping and tricks. 700c: This is the standard size wheel found on most hybrid bikes. While adjusting the levelling of your saddle, ensure that it is centred on its rails over the seat post. To get the optimum seat height, place your heels on the pedals and pedal backwards. Inspect bar height by standing your bike on a level surface and viewing it from the side comparing the height of the seat to the height of the bars. However, while this holds true and is important, once the cycle is bought it needs to be fitted well to ensure efficiency in performance. One thing to remember though, you’ll need your exact height … it is also an online knowledge portal built with the purpose of helping consumers, in the market to buy a cycle , pick the right cycle based on their needs. Made In India, Customize Your Accessories Pick by speaking to our Bicycle Expert. If you're less than 6-feet tall, spin at 95 rpm or faster and like to sprint, you'll probably prefer to be directly over the end of the crankarm. The forward crankarm and pedal must be level with the ground. You seat is too high if your hips rock while pedalling. Stockier than a road bike, they perform well on light off-road trails, while still having quite a bit of get-up-and-go on regular roads. When this happens, an improperly fit bike is most likely the cause. This might however differ depending on the style of the bike. Don’t worry too much about wheel size when choosing a hybrid bike and focus more on the type of bike that suits your riding style. You can create the … bicycles have been around for years and were conceived to fall somewhere in between a mountain bicycle and a road bike These adjustments are easy to do by yourself at home, alone or with the help of a partner using a few basic tools. The portal offered various tools such as a "Help Me Choose" option for amateurs looking to start cycling. Boost comfort and power by dialing in the perfect seat position By Joe Lindsey. Knowing your height and inseam measurements are all the information you need to determine the proper frame size fit for a hybrid bike, though inseam is the more important measurement going in because leg length is more relevant than torso size. You can mark the position on the seat post once you’ve identified the best suited height with electrical tape or a marker, for future reference. An indication of the optimum seat height is when your legs are completely extended at the bottom of the pedal strokes with your heels on the pedals. I bought I bought a Polygon Cascade 2, It's very good cycle it's worth every penny And they also provided me Good deals on accessories Thank you ChooseMyBicycle team. Book your bicycle and sit back and relax as your dream bicycle will be delivered at your door step in a unique ready to ride box. With your seat height and position dialed in, you have the best chance of pedaling efficiently and … is an e-commerce portal exclusive for buying bicycles, accessories and apparels. And, it can cause you to scoot backward or forward on your seat all the time. If you plan to buy your ride from a professional bicycle shop, the salesperson will spend quite a bit of time ensuring you are fit correctly. Phone: +91-87540-37844 (10:00am to 07:00pm), Bianchi - Global Range now available in India. If you haven’t got your bike fit done yet, try it out and be amazed by the difference you feel on your next ride! Bike frames are measured from the middle of their bottom bracket to the end of their seat tube. Usually, the handlebars on hybrid bicycles are level with the seat height, to enable a comfortable riding position. CMB Information Portal Pvt Ltd I very recently bought a Montra from CMB and what can I say, it is simply amazing! BMX Bike. Make sure there is something to hold onto, though. By visiting and using our website, you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance to our A proper bike fit is necessary to stay healthy on and off the bike. We at will also have our own cycling events across India for all types of cyclists from amateur short weekend rides to professional race for the experts. The ride experience is fulfilling, for this price range..! Be Well. Our Expert Would Contact You In Sometime. The fore/aft seat adjustment is correct when a plumb line (any piece of string with a weight on the end) hanging from your kneecap, touches the end of the crankarm. Of course, the ultimate test of a hybrid's size and fit is the practice ride—many shops will allow you to take a comparably sized "loaner" home for a few test rides. Copyright @ document.write(new Date().getFullYear()), CMB Information Portal Pvt Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Stay Healthy Kids Bike. This Bicycle do not have a throttle - you have pedal in order to move. I love this bicycle and is real worth for the money because this is the only bicycle with MID DRIVE motor available in India. To get the optimum seat height, place your heels on the pedals and pedal backwards. Does your comfort bike need tires with a bit more bite? If the bars are too  close or too far away, you may experience neck, shoulder, back and hand pain. Have A Nice Day. Bicycle riding is one of the best ways to get and stay in shape, but so many people give up after just a few rides. If you're sore during or after rides particularly in the lower back and/or neck, the bars may need adjustment. So, it's likely that your handlebars fit adequately. The sizing of hybrid bikes is comparable to the sizing of mountain bikes, which means they'll run a couple of inches smaller than a comparable road bike. Proper saddle height for road bikes improves pedaling efficiency and makes riding more comfortable. Get on and pedal until you're comfortable with your upper body relaxed. You will get a printable page with your recommended saddle height. ), you’ll have more fun riding. This is not something many first-time buyers are aware of, and sometimes end up with pains while riding and wonder why. Bike Fit: How to Set Your Bike Seat Height. When buying a bicycle, most people are aware that they must keep in mind the size of the frame they choose. LiveAbout uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. The easiest way to adjust one’s seat height is to mount your bicycle on a trainer and do it yourself. Hybrids will get you to work quickly and smoothly during the week, and allow you to enjoy a bit of off-road fun on the weekends. Now, have a helper look at you from the side to gauge where a plumb line dropped from the tip of your nose would fall. : Some hybrid bikes … If we then look at the 29” wheel, its axle will be 1.5” higher. Fitting a hybrid bicycle is a matter of ensuring that both the frame and the inseam are the correct size for your height and weight, as well as your leg, arm, and torso length. Awesome Cycle, Super light weight, attain speed of 30-50 kmph easily, very smooth and comfortable to ride. They are so simple, they can be done by you at home. Seat height, fore/aft, and tilt should all be addressed simultaneously to ‘set your bike seat’. The first bar-height check is comfort. Boost comfort and power by dialing in the perfect seat position By Joe Lindsey. Most hybrids have wider handle bars to ensure a comfortable, open-chested riding position. Like most bicycles, hybrid bikes are generally measured by frame size, which is the distance in inches from the center of the crank to the top of the frame at the seat tube. Which Mountain Bike Wheel Size Is Right for You? Live Well. Velachery Main Road, Guindy Fortunately, sixthreezero has some of the best hybrid bikes and best comfort bikes on the market and they are all available with a few clicks of your mouse. Look ahead as if you were looking down the road.