Re: hp 35s hexadecimal math....what were they thinking? Hex mode has me so annoyed, I do all the binary math in decimal mode. RPN is usually more efficient than Algebraic, requiring fewer key presses to solve most prob-lems. I use an HP 35s calculator, and it's worked completely fine for me for a year. HP 35s Full System Reset. 5B6F: 5 RCL B 6 RCL F BlueShift BASE 6 ENTER, displays 23,407. HP 35s Calculator - Resetting the Calculator If the calculator doesn't respond to keystrokes, or if it is otherwise behaving unusually, try resetting it. Have you heard of the WP-34s? I'm writing a subnet calculator suite. It is also particularly helpful when working through a prob-lem one step … Message #14 Posted by Howard Owen on 23 July 2007, 10:41 p.m., in response to message #1 by Tom Lianza. No matter how you think about it this is wrong. Press the following three keys all at the same time - [C] [R / S] [i]. Find support and troubleshooting info including software, drivers, and manuals for your HP 35s Scientific Calculator HP-35s bug list (see last item at the bottom of the article). HP 35s scientific calculator user's guide H Edition 1 HP part number F2215AA-90001. The HP 35s has two operating modes: Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and Algebraic mode (ALG). Resetting the calculator halts the current calculation and cancels program entry, digit entry, a running program, a SOLVE calculation, an ∫ FN calculation, a VIEW display, or an INPUT display. It is a re-programmed HP-20b or HP-30b. I was using the fraction display mode that I discovered recently to convert some numbers into the lowest form, and so I punched in: 1201/5525 and it gives me 603/2774. Updated On: 13.09.15 The following procedure will total erase all the memory and program store in the HP 35s. If i want to convert several Hex numbers to Decimal, i put the calculator in that horrible mode called ALG (so I can get A-F using RCL) and DEC base: e.g. It correctly reset, it should show "MEMORY CLEAR" on HP35S display.