Whoever it was took off so fast I was amazed when he heard that noise of my Mossberg 12 gauge racking a round into the chamber. Those are the words of a resident of the Raleigh section of Memphis, one of the highest crime rates cities in the nation. And that happens at least once a week within a 40 mile radius of where I live, often much closer. 2885. No racking for me not giving my position away.My mossberg is ready to go just wife and I. The SUPREME COURT JUDGE made this statement: Hear, hear. Lights off but they ‘know’ you have a weapon? ... Man wields battle axe to scare intruder away. center mass. Thieves and vandals prefer to operate in secrecy, but this doesn’t mean that your presence will be enough to scare them off. “Even though the words “To Protect and Serve” are displaced on many Police cars, the Police do not have any responsibility to “protect” any individual. 2. Frankly, Joe Biden should have advised his wife to do this instead of firing into the air and risking being arrested. If they think you’re not home, they might still be in your home when the police arrive. By. 4. According to experts in the industry, "... the Covid-19 outbreak created the largest rush to purchase ammo in all of history. They’d never hear me racking a shotgun because that means I’ve put an extra step before I can pull the trigger. Icontrol Networks Canada, Inc. d/b/a Piper. W/RDS it shoots 1/2 groups @ 25 yds. Aim to incapacitate. Editor. Yes, Kimber Has One, “Swamp Rat” ATF Bureaucrats Push Biden To Target All Legal, Off-The-Books…, Three Things Everyone Carrying Concealed Should Have On Them. Most security systems, Piper included, come with stickers or signage that you can place outside your home so you can let burglars know that they should be sure to smile for the camera, should they be foolish enough to enter. I’ve got a bunch of data on decoys to pass on to readers about using decoys effectively to scare off would-be burglars and potential home invaders. If they get outside, drag them back in. It’s completely mind boggling for someone to say that this man doesn’t need or deserve to have a firearm to protect his family when it’s obvious that law enforcement hasn’t been able to prevent people from breaking into his house (to be fair, law enforcement can’t be everywhere at one). Cameras/surveillance: In today’s shocking news, thieves are least likely to target homes with security systems inside. Well, a recent study performed by students from the University of North Carolina sampled 1,500 burglars divided equally across 3 states (Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio) to try to better understand that question. After reading all the comments, I agree with the retired law enforcement. The latest news delivered straight to your inbox. You should use pepper-spray on an intruder only if you will be able to escape... 2. As a footnote, since someone is sure to comment, my glock has the manual safety kit added since I used it to teach my niece to shoot, and wanted her to develop the ‘safety on’ habit. He also coordinates CMPD’s participation in the National Night Out program, which promotes police-community partnerships. Politician Who Is Honest About The Cause Of Gun Violence, Why You MUST Get A CCW Permit With Your Restraining Order. Which conversations would be most realistic for your home? How? Decide whether to use pepper-spray. This clown gives Murphy’s everywhere a bad name. !’ “. 2. It is the responsibility of the individual to “protect” themselves.” (paraphrased). If you don’t have a dog inside your home, perhaps get yourself a ‘beware of dog’ sign instead. Keep in mind that the intruder may be more likely to get caught if you hide and call the police. Fact Check: Is There Really A Difference Between Military And Civilian Firearms? Now, he sits on his couch each night, waiting for an intruder who is bold enough to step inside. When you first realize you have a home intruder it's important that you stay put. … All Rights Reserved. if you are to unsure of your aim and ability to hit the target you should just call 911 and keep the guns locked up in your gun safe and unloaded, YOU are a Danger to everyone that comes to your house. They know that a racked shotgun likely means that someone is getting ready to shoot, and they don’t want to be the one getting shot. The other thing I wanted to mention is that as kids, we grew up with loaded guns in the house. I am retired law enforcement before Obama and the 60s and 70s supreme court ran the committed officers off and to fill the ranks cities started to hire Somali muslims that shoot unarmed women because she wasn’t dressed modestly (My opinion). Cameras/surveillance: In today’s shocking news, thieves are least likely to target homes with security systems inside. ‘The police told me, unless they actually get through that door, I cannot use deadly force.’”.