Smartbulbs can be controlled from a home security smart hub too. Step 4 With the Motion Sensor in linking mode (see previous step), press and hold the "Set" button on the LampLinc for 3 seconds or until it beeps. Line decorative windows with privacy film for added defense against nosy neighbors or thieves. Recycling is of particular interest because they can see whether or not you’ve purchased any big-ticket items. If you’re concerned about wasting electricity, consider setting a timer to turn on the radio or television during prime burgling time. The easiest way for an intruder to get sights on your home’s valuables is by looking in the windows. To review this information or withdraw your consent please consult the. “Get a camera and make it visible,” advises one of the burglars in the KGW survey. Your curb, yard, and daily behavior can say a lot about the valuable items you’ve got behind closed doors. Each Here are 12 everyday things that pose huge security risks. Be cognizant of who you invite into your home and how much information you share with that person. Some of the burglars surveyed by KGW said they’d be willing to kick in a locked door. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Humans are creatures of habit and routine. When you’re out of town, make sure you put a hold on your mail. If you want to go the extra mile, outfit your windows and doors with motion sensors. Since Bob’s changed his ways, he offered us thoughtful insights and anti-burglary suggestions to help prevent you from falling victim to burglary. SafeWise may earn money when you click on our links. You know that large, weeping blue pine you planted out front? Even if you’ve set your social media settings to “private,” the information you post can still get passed around to someone outside your social circle. Also, burglars often use low hanging tree branches to access the second floor of the targeted houses. If a thief gets their hands on your sensitive information, they can do a lot of damage. Use smartbulbs and motion-sensitive lights. Press and hold the "Set" button on the motion sensor for 5 seconds (until red LED on the back begins to blink). How to Outsmart a Burglar and Keep Your Home Safe, Real estate agents aren’t the only ones who are keen on curb appeal—burglars are too. Theoretically, if every house on a particular block seemed empty, a burglar would still choose to target the house that offers the most privacy. Every burglar surveyed by KGW reports knocking on the front door before breaking into a home; if someone answers the door, the burglar makes up an excuse and moves on. Of 57 convicted burglars surveyed by NBC 4 New York, 37 percent said they’d be inclined to avoid breaking into a house with a visible security camera positioned near a door. individual’s unique needs should be considered when deciding on chosen products. Small changes can indicate that your house is being cased. Learn more, Terms of Service | Privacy Policy Even if burglars are relatively certain that you’re at work or on vacation, they’d still rather target a home they can approach in the dark to avoid calling any attention to themselves. If you want to find out if you know a visitor before answering the door, check out our handy guide on. Put your lights on a timer or ask your neighbors to intermittently park in your driveway. Though she switched gears, she continues to be driven by the need to deliver information that can be helpful for individuals. † Professional monitoring provided by Brinks Home Security. It’s worth noting that 70 percent of burglars surveyed by Fox 5 News in Atlanta said a dog wouldn’t deter them from targeting a home. Katherine has had several years of experience developing and executing multichannel marketing campaigns, but actually started her career path in journalism. © 2020 Reader’s Digest Magazines Ltd. - All rights reserved, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), This site uses “cookies” for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. You don’t have to open the door for the person, but definitely let the person know you’re home—you just might thwart a burglary. Burglaries happen much more quickly than you might think. These are the photos you should never post on social media. Burglars want to spend as little time in your house as they possibly can, which is why they have a list of go-to items. This is not a guarantee. *SafeWise has conducted impartial research to recommend products. Pay close attention to your home’s surroundings and front and back yards. prevent that from happening. SafeWise is an independent review site. Cleveland Police Captain Keith Sulzer tells that he often hears burglary victims say, “I was just gone for ten minutes.” If you keep to a regular routine and a burglar is watching your home, you can bet he or she will know when you leave and for how long—even if you’re just walking the dog. Rooting through your trash can give thieves insight on what you own. One of the best ways to outsmart a burglar is to understand if you’re being targeted. It is better to have a lawn with minimal amount of plants, if you are concerned that thick bushes can be used as hiding places by potential burglars. Get visibility on the happenings at your house with a home security system, Don’t feel obligated to answer the door—especially if you don’t know the person. As an owner of two rescue dogs, she is most interested in technology and products that allow her to keep a close eye on her pets when she’s away. Start a neighborhood watch system. Burglars are unpredictable, but there are plenty of ways you can proactively protect yourself. Next, check out seven sneaky ways burglars break into your house. Burglars value their privacy while they’re breaking and entering. Smartbulbs can be controlled from a home security smart hub too. Pricey-looking toys scattered throughout the front yard tell a burglar that you’re willing to spend the extra buck on playthings for your kid but are too busy to pick them up. If you want to find out if you know a visitor before answering the door, check out our handy guide on smart doorbells. Most of the burglars surveyed by KGW said they wouldn’t break into a home if they could hear a radio or see that the television was on. See for full offer details, terms, and conditions. Windows offer a top-quality view of your valuables and allow burglars to see whether or not you have a home security system or a dog. Be conscious of any window that can be seen from the street, or even from your neighbor’s yards. Thieves love cash. We recommend leaving out a decoy bottle that’s easy for them to find: simply rinse out an empty bottle of spirits, and refill it with similar-looking liquid. ˄No-contract options available with outright equipment purchase.