Before gently rolling them in seasoned flour, breadcrumbs or cornmeal, and tap off the excess. A mild, white-fleshed fish that stars in a number of dishes because of its firm texture, whiting is a particular standout when fried. 2. Heat ¼ cup butter in skillet over medium heat 3 to 4 minutes, stirring constantly, until light brown. Coating can make lean, white fish a more exciting experience. How to Make Fish Fry Batter. Use flour for coating. In most Asian household fish paste is normally bought from the fishmongers because it is presumed to be a laborious proposition to make at home. Garlic-Butter Pan-fried Fish: Omit salt. 1. These stores are often known for their own signature variety of fish paste or fish balls. Especially with mild fish, you will want to season both the flesh and the cornmeal to make the most flavorful dish. Some tender shellfish, such as oysters or clams, do fine with frying on both sides. Substitute crushed … Prepare the Ingredients. Beer Batter Fish Fry Recipe It provides a crispy mouth feel and soaks up flavors from the fat when frying. Pair fried whiting with rice and a … Make the cuts with the knife blade positioned at a 45° angle to the surface of the fish; the flesh overlaps the cuts so that when it shrinks with frying the bone is … Add fish; cook as directed. Try This Fried Fish Recipe: Fried catfish with homemade tartar sauce. Fish Fry Batter Recipe. To make fish fry batter start by soaking your fillets in milk or beaten eggs for 2-3 minutes. For tender fish, cover the frying pan so the middle and top of the fish cook, too. Achieve a crisp coating when frying whiting using some classic flour alternatives or simply fry seasoned fillets for a low-carb option. Coating can also make it easier to fry fish meat that has a … In fact there are many specialty stores in Asian cities offering only fish paste and fish balls. More Ways to Make Pan-Fried Fish: Brown-Butter Pan-fried Fish: Omit oil.