Installing P-Bass bridge cover Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by tonedeaf, Oct 10, 2006. Take your new bridge’s length and divide it by two to get the centerline on the bridge. But for the most part, those who add on this stuff just want the vintage Fender look. Using the closest point to the neck side as reference, determine based on your scale length mark and how much the saddle can comfortably move rearward, where the optimum location is. Among other things, the tool kit includes a 6-in-1 screwdriver and steel ruler which are needed to change your bass bridge. More prone to screwups, but I’ve done it this way in a pinch, too. Installation Note: Sometimes, due to plating build up on the threads, one may need to chase the threads on the body inserts with a M8 x 1.25P tap. You can determine your existing basses bridge string spacing using the following article: Then, you will compare the sound of the harmonic at the 12th fret of your lowest string to the sound of the fretted note at the 12th fret, using as much fretting pressure as you normally use while playing. Could you do a description of fitting individual string bridges to a bass, I am thinking of fitting these to my 5 string to lengthen the B string so it has more tension. You do not have to give it any angle though if you don't want to. If you decide to angle to bridge, mark the new holes with the bass side (thicker strings) tilted … Hipshot Rickenbacker Replacement Bridge Installation for Bass. They have an instantly recognizable look, with a unique feel and tone. Remove the bridge and place the new bridge in it’s place. Using the scale length, measure from the nut to the lower bout of the instrument until you reach your particular scale length and place a mark at that location on the right side of the existing centerline. Before selecting your new bridge you will need to determine a few details about your existing bridge. Want to Find Out if This Will Work with Your Bass. Cheapass solution: Just install the bridge, string it up and set the spacing where you want it to be, then take each string off one-by-one and file the saddles as you go. as the article notes. Make sure that neither the strings nor the bridge can touch the inside of the cover, then mark the bridge position and the mounting holes on the masking tape. Doc. Prewires & Tech Support (Electronics and Hardware), Cruz Tools GrooveTech Bass Player Tech Kit. Adding height adjustment wheels to the bridge of the double bass or similar instrument makes it easy to keep the action at an optimum height. Hold the bass in the playing position and measure from the top of the 17th fret to the bottom of your lowest string, while not fretting any notes. Whatever your reason is, I’ve created a simple guide to help you get started. Before you move on to screwing the bridge in place, make sure the end of this wire will be contacting your bridge. If your bass already had a bridge previously installed then there is most likely a bridge ground wire channel. Evan With a drill press, or hand drill, center the bit on the hole and begin drilling each mounting screw hole. Nice bass, but I would like to replace the Wilkinson bridge. If your fretted note is sharp → move the bridge saddle away from the neck, If your fretted note is flat → move the bridge saddle closer to the neck. Some bass bridges have holes for the string ball end that are 0.14x in diameter and some have larger holes at 0.230 and bass strings come with ball-end sizes appropriate for each bridge – yet I’m not finding anything in string descriptions nor bridge descriptions (nor Google) that address this issue. If your bass already has a bridge installed then you can take the existing bridge length and divide by two to get a centerline. How to upgrade the bridge on your Fender bass guitar - YouTube To determine which your bass has, you can either measure what is currently installed on your bass, look online to see if anyone else with your bass has swapped out the bridge, or simply asking us to look through our databases (we know the mounting patterns of many brands, but you will often still need to measure to … You should have a small grounding wire running from the bottom of the bridge to your control cavity. The first step in the process is to pick which bridge is going to work for your bass. #3 check nut slots for string clearance, E string @ 1st fret ( .022 – .020) is where I start. Installing Bass Bridge Adjuster Wheels. You can then screw down your new bridge and restring your bass. The neck relief step is important. Sep 27, 2002 Martin County, Florida, USA. As previously mentioned, if you have any questions, feel free to reply to this email, start a discussion on the eBass blog, or post on BBG’s facebook wall. If your bass goes out of tune when you play on the very high or very low frets, you need to adjust the intonation. Bridge Cover: Place the cover over the bridge and make sure again it's centered and even on both sides, and level with the bridge. Depending on many factors, including personal preference, you may end up raising or lowering the string past this number, but 3/32″ is a good average starting point I recommend. Before and after photos of the original and replacement bridges on a Rickenbacker 4003 bass. Installing P-Bass bridge cover Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by tonedeaf, Oct 10, 2006. The existing bridge’s string spacing is the most important detail. Next, you will need to intonate the new bridge. You first want to tune all strings to pitch. Using our scale length mark and the centerline we have already established, place the bridge in its respective location and mark the screw mounting holes with a pencil or a scribing tool to establish the screw mounting locations. Now adjust the distance of the second saddle back from the first saddle, using the gauge of the second string as a measurement. Using a center punch make a mark to register the tip of the brad point drill bit. Sep 27, 2002 Martin County, Florida, USA. Some bridges, particularly for Fender basses, may offer a retrofit option that will use the existing screw holes for mounting the bridge. Good luck! Different bridges have different ways to raise or lower the strings. Upgrading your bass bridge can have a number of advantages including: increasing sustain, increasing tuning stability, gaining more adjustability, dropping weight, or simply changing the aesthetics of a bass. If you’re able to buy a bridge with your mounting pattern, installation is quite easy. The Rickenbacker bass is a staple of rock music. The distance between these points should be 3/32″. The stock 3 point bridge is junk, and the strings literally hold the bridge saddles and screws in place. Hipshot bridges offer the widest variety on string spacing options with both A and B style’s to choose from for 4, 5, and 6-String basses. Do you sell one that would be a simple replacement, meaning not having to drill new holes?