I. The sound of snapping branches fills the forest. Can the animals speak English, can the character all the sudden communicate with the animals, or do they have to find a creative way to speak with each other? How the sunlight behind the trees are giving off light to the forest showing some form of the forest not being a lonely place. Arguing  (Fanfiction)Sherlock Holmes : Solve the Case How weak are they; what is their weak link? green, brown, dead fall, fallen trees, logs, branches, twigs, fallen leaves, ferns, underbrush, moss, brambles, thickets, ivy, berry bushes, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, insects, rabbits, birds, squirrels, lizards, mice, foxes, spider webs, deer, sun-dappled, shady, shafts…. Are they able to help the forest even in the slightest way? (Soon)Catfish: Online Dating H T Why is this evil thing having a war with the forest? Ferns stood tall as the saplings shivered. What must the forest do in order to continue to protect the character? D Has the forest abandoned them? Think of all the things you might find in a dark forest and make them experience it. Kidnap Party   II. What actions do they take to make sure they are thanking the forest and that the forest understands what they’re saying? In winter the forest is a cold and wearisome place. Were there hostile words exchanged? Do trees move as if they had feet? I. How desperate does they forest become? Not a place without snow. K It is a drab muted place, The colours are shades of brown and grey.  ★Battle   In winter, the trees become bare of leaf. Do they get injured, do they somehow make a mistake that they cannot take back? III. Maybe the forest has no magic or is on no one side. A snowfall of soft, wet, heavy snow: Trees are bare (except for the evergreens) with loads of cottony snow meticulously heaped on every horizontal surface. Have they abandoned themselves and their will to live? Explain their thoughts, the worries, even ultimately telling the reader what’s at stake for the character. How do they know that these are going to protect them? Does the forest do anything out of character to gain the character’s interest? Do the branches hit and sway? ------------------------------ But where the snowpack is deep and long-lived, temperatures in the subnivean zone rarely stray from the freezing point, a full 50 degrees warmer than the air above. .hide-if-no-js { How can they call beatings abuse, how else are children supposed to learn? }, About Us  Your Scene Excerpts! ------------------------------ PTSD How would you explain this? If s/he’s running through the woods because it’s a pass time and they enjoy it, then you select words and thoughts and structure your sentences to give a peaceful tone (or whatever emotion you’re aiming for). If so, who is controlling this? Carl types 180 words in 2 minutes. Or will the character go through great lengths to protect the forest? Is there a prophecy? How’s the character thanking the forest? ★Apocalypse It was just cocking his head, feeling curios about the two men. It was fast becoming a cold winter. Do trees fall down? Where has this person or being been all that time? Is it something that can be avoided or counteracted? Falling in Love Wildlife in these forests may endure the winter or migrate to warmer climates. Do the animals bite, bark growl? Does the character have an idea who might be behind these doing? Some aspects of the descriptions will remain the same, this is done to keep the general structure the same, while still randomizing the details. II. Are they able to take a break at all and stop to get some air from what is going on? A subcategory of that is how to describe a winter scene. Or is there a lot to be desired? Ultimately how are these things good? ------------------------------ How still the forest is and how beautiful and stunning it is. The icicles reflecting the view back and forth of the forest. How long has the war/battle been going on? Idea for wood transport in a forest where vehicles cannot enter? N Blind Date Remember, the animals are considered to be part of the forest. view- Icicles reflecting the image of the forest, no sound only still.  +  Forests aren't very diverse in terms of their structures. If the character stayed, what are they doing in order to protect the forest? The raven floomphed into the powdered snow with an undignified squawk, ending the little life that colored the pure white snow.. into a tainted scarlet red. Who had the most battle scars? Glistening, sparkling, beautiful, majestic, heaven-like, gorgeous, frozen, still, bright, wonderful, white, bare, silent. It literally looks like a candy store of confectionary treats. 9x+6+4x+5=? 2. Sight- Snow everywhere filling any gaps. Hunting Is it hurting itself by battling the forest or the character? They stood together as a pack, sheltering in the cold wind. List of adjectives, synonyms, and related terms to describe Winter. E Use the below list to find different terms pertaining to Winter. Court   The glucose smell of amber leaks from the tree bark. Healing II. SOUND 3. I. A forest in winter - it varies with the temperature. Does the magic bring anything alive or keeps things dead? Drowning  Will the character return before the threat returns but with more weapons or people to battle? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why are they acting this way? How about the forest? I. If so, how does the character use the forest as they please? You look up an dcan see the … TOUCH 4.  Car Chase   I. Is it the forest itself that’s their own enemy? Hospital Does the magic prevent the forest from doing anything or allows it to do more than what it once could? Ghost Does the character understand why? What is the character learning thus far? A WINTER TREE 1. (NEW)Cooking  Avengers Flying Or maybe the forest is silent. Beauty and the Beast (Intro) I giggled at the sight of the innocent round thing. Stand still. Starving Is it a Mystic being? How are they a vital allie to the trail and the path of the rain forest? Use ideologies, metaphors, and similes to create an experience your character is having. Words are listed in alphabetical order: Wedding How rare it is for the first time for such a still place to be when we ourselves are so busy in our minds that there is somewhere which can only listen. How powerful is this evil? I. Is there a barrier or path they cannot take or overcome? You can sign in to vote the answer. Walking Dead something about the trees,something about the weather,the landscape,the sight or the view..... matted brown pine needles peaking out of a powdery white carpet, frosted trees sagging from the weight of last night's snowfall. Descriptive Writing – The forest. In a distant, I saw two men with a sniper. How Hospitals can establish a Zero Trust Security Model? V III. ------------------------------ Feel free to use this list to expand your vocabulary and be more descriptive! Analyzing Popular Novels The chill of the wind, and the silence that nature displayed, was all that I ve ever wanted. Im just stuck at quite a simple part, does anyone know any good descriptive words/adjectives to describing trees ect in the winter? Still have questions? You can dissect it and improve it if you need to; but there's a couple of interesting notions in there :). Does this mean they’re about to escape or try to at least? II. What about the animals and the forest is important to the story and to the character? Branches in the face and tearing at clothes, His/her own gasping breath in the silence. Or do they find a great shortcut? Divergent The wonder of the forest was soul nourishing. Hunger Games Are they both to thank for a good ending? I. Was there a time when the character or the forest felt like they failed or were about to lose? Give details about the great enemy. Walking here makes you long for the warmth of the fireside and company of friends and for the joyous return of spring and new life. Fainting i need to describe a forest in winter.can you give some ideas?please:)? Running Saying Goodbye They seemed dead, but very much alive by their perpetual branches shadowing the pure white snow lying softly on the ground. C ★ Crime Scene Investigation R SIGHT 2. Are there any swamps, quicksand, spiders, snakes, or otherwise that wouldn’t necessarily be in another land? Where did this enemy come from? 4 ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Paco the Zebra. I. How do you think about the answers? The list contains adjectives, synonyms, terminology, and other descriptive words related to Winter. What has the forest done that makes the character believe it’s okay to to follow unknowingly or even listen to? Bromance  Useful phrases describing … ------------------------------ Rescue Kelp bass find the middle of the kelp forest to be a good hunting area, while Sheephead, a boldly colored fish, like to feed on the larger invertebrates that live among the kelp stipes and tend to hang out towards the bottom of the forest. I bent my knees, shoveled some snow unto my warm knitted gloves, and formed a spherical snowball. I Love You Large trees of the old-growth forests support woody vines that serve as aerial ladders, enabling the animals to move about, build their nests, and forage for food.