When the leaves develop black spots and turn yellow, act quickly to mitigate the problem. Honeysuckle leaves turning yellow. It is planted very close to the house wall, but I water it regularly. What is happening? Problems With Honeysuckle - Yellow/brown leaves. This just started like 1-2 weeks ago. It is June 26 in Las Vegas NV I know we've has a heat wave of 9 days over 110 degrees. We were told it was fungus caused by too much moisture. Now they also have those brown/grey spots. Over time, leaves can become completely brown in color and wither when the leaf scorch is a severe enough case. Over the last weeks the leaves on my Honeysuckle turn yellow, and fall. This disease will cause many leaves to die during the summer months. They clearly started growing once planted so im quite happy they have taken to the ground. I thought they weren't getting … First observed in the UK in 2000, honeysuckle leaf blight (Insolibasidium deformans) is an introduced disease that causes yellow leaves in spring that turn brown as the season progresses. 9 years ago . Time is your best friend for recovery from this disease. Now I think it looks more like a fungal disease? peterk312. I did have a gardener plant some new plants and redo sprinkler system with water once everyday for 5 minutes on a dripper. Other higher leaves are being eaten/have brown spots. I didn't disturb the roots too much because the vine is flowering. Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by yelf, Oct 10, 2010. yelf Gardener. It is planted in a mainly shaded area but does catch some early afternoon sun, briefly. chris182 Posts: 6. Joined: Jun 16, 2010 Messages: 31 Ratings: +0. hi, i have 3 honeysuckle pants which i planted about 6weeks ago. The leaves at the bottom turn yellow and fall off. If this is the issue, you will likely notice the top leaves turning yellow first, you might notice that the leaves develop an odd pattern in addition to the yellowing – they might develop dark veins, for instance, or the tissue between them might turn yellow. The leaves of the honeysuckle will begin to yellow or darken between the leaf veins or along the margins of the leaf. What Causes It Although black spot is considered a rose (rosa spp.) August 2017 in Problem solving. Can you explain this? Asked June 25, 2017, 9:16 PM EDT. Leaf undersides are silvery-white, and leaves often become twisted or curled and fall prematurely. New leaf growth is being eaten to the stalk. In early spring I planted a new honeysuckle from a garden centre against a fence and trained it to climb. Yellowing leaves on new honeysuckle plant. Honeysuckle leaf blight. disease, commonly affecting those USDA zone 4-to-8 perennials, it attacks other ornamentals as well, and honeysuckle is one of them. Honeysuckle has yellowing leaves and black spots. Planted a new honeysuckle vine (lonicera japonica) in a container 15" square by about 14" deep. At first I thought it was a deficiency (when they were mainly yellow) and I feed it Seaweed fertilizer, both as foliage feed and when watering.