The last thing you want is for your tree to blow over. Cray or wood would be better for a tree but heavier. Good drainage is a must. Completed pollination fertilizes the tree and fruit grows. I read that honeybells are reliant on cross pollination, but I don't want to buy another citrus to pollinate the honeybell. Otherwise, flowers grow, but not fruit. These trees require cross-pollination by another compatible citrus tree to produce fruit. Pollination can be performed by birds, wind or insects. But now I have a Dancy planted next to it and will be getting a Sunburst or Temple Tangor to increase pollination … The most common fruit-tree pollinator is the honeybee that gathers nectar from the flowers, simultaneously transferring pollen between them. Right now I have a keylime that seems to be in bloom constantly and a dwarf moro blood orange. Therefore I would plant my orange tree in a larger pot now. The blood orange is not large enough yet to flower. Each time you transplant/repot any plant or tree, the plant is sightly hurt/shocked. Treat a friend to the harvest from their own Minneola Tangelo tree -a hybrid that combines the delicate, tart taste of grapefruits with the sweetness of tangerines! Species like the navel orange tree use cross-pollination, but only when they receive pollen from other navel orange flowers. I got a few Honeybell this season without a pollinator tree. Self-sterile varieties include Robinson, Sunburst, and the Minneola and Orlando tangerine-grapefruit crosses. According to the University of Florida, the tangerine-orange cross Temple is a good pollenizer for these tangerine varieties. Plastic is okay but WATCH out for the wind. Rent a 2021 Honeybell Tree Lease! Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings (3 customer reviews) $ 69.95. Honeybell (Mineola) will produce without a pollinator tree but not nearly as much when you do have a cross pollination tree. Are any of these good pollinators for a honeybell? Watch the weight. Plants are unable to pollinate with species of unrelated plants, making many hybrids of plants impossible to produce, such as naturally creating a plum-orange hybrid. Re: Cross-Pollination of Mandarins Junglekeeper - I'm not sure I'm answering your question here, but some mandarins (such as the Satsuma) set fruit without pollination, which is defined as autonomic parthenocarpy.In at least two commercial groves that I am aware of, Tangelos are planted intermittently for the purpose that you described.