If youre an artist and ever wanted to use decent hand reference without having to awkwardly pose your hand in front of a mirror, this app is for you! Просмотрите снимки экрана приложения Handy Art Reference Tool, прочитайте последние отзывы клиентов о нем и сравните поставленные ему оценки. HANDY is an artists reference tool consisting of a rotatable 3D lit hand with a variety of poses useful for drawing. Give depth to your characters with the best pose reference tool on the web. Скачайте это приложение из Microsoft Store для Windows 10. Our 3d perspective grid makes easy work of foreshortening and gives the artist truly accurate perspective reference. To help you choose the best digital art tool for you, we are bringing a list of the 20 best drawing programs for PC and Mac you should check out in 2020. Best Drawing Programs for PC and Mac (2020) For an artist, a tool is a huge asset. Free interactive 3D characters for reference poses. Basic Art Techniques More information Handy Art Tool - An Artist's Reference Tool :: Your drawing, sketching, painting buddy for hands, rotatable 3d Lit hand with a variety of poses. Artists wanting to use decent hand reference on the go, this app is for you!. Save Images to your computer Anatomy 360 allows you to save as many images as you like from the app with the handy save image button. もともとリアルな手のポーズアプリとしてご紹介していた「Handy Art Reference Tool」がアップデートで大幅に進化しています。スケッチやデッサンのモデルに使える、手や頭部の3DCGが100パターン以上収録。iPad Proな Breathe life into your art. Note: If you are a Chromebook user you should check out our separate article on best drawing apps for Chromebook.