Alister, if that’s all you have go for it , I messed up day 3 with day 4 diet !!! 8.Cilantro – Few springs 3) eggs, fish, legumes, etc. looks good, yes on the protein, still be careful, just feel it out…. Yes, just try to get the 3 main meals. I have already lost 2.5 kgs in 3 days. Obviously in the evening I sleep more. And I eat loads of veg. The first 4 days of this diet do not have protein, so your exercise you be very light. I think my weight radically went down by Day 4, and I panicked a little on Meat Day. 7.Garam Masala pwdr – 1 tsp Also, other factors can be your cortisol levels are off. The GM diet plan is spread over 7 consecutive days with specific instructions on what you can or cannot eat on each day. I mean can I eat chicken and tomatoes on day 4 and banans on day 5.. btw i had like eight bananas cuz some sites say you can. Day 4: Breakfast: 1 banana + 1 glass of milk, A colleague offered some banana chips – “hey, it’s banana!” I had 3 of them and thought “hey, it’s chips…” So now there they are in front of me and I don’t know what to do… no, this is a ZERO grain diet. no corn or carrots. I have been eating a bowl of soup everyday but run out. Hello.. you can have the curd and dal day 5 and 6. Remember to have lots of coconut water or limewater. 2) yes no sweetener, maybe a little stevia is OK. Here is what my doctor has me do for the same issue, take a look at the top 2 posts. Today is my Day 4. So, in a way, you must prepare yourself mentally for sticking to a slightly “boring” diet! eat the chicken as you like. its so discouraging after coming this far. I slowly introduced normal food, and gained in 6 months the 22 pounds i lost plus some. Yes, the chicken stops the detox process and can hinder weight loss unfortunately. my weight was 92.6 kg D1 Ruby, Yes, eat when you are hungry, but try not to under do it if possible. They don’t make alterations found on other sites. is Campbell’s ok? have you stuck to the plan 100%, Hello I want to loose stomach fat..should I go for GM diet plan, go for it, but you also have to make a lifestyle change after . Can i eat more than 8 bananas.. i have to go to a BBQ and i can not refuse,,anybody did it??? 4.Onion – 1 Not to mention sugar is beyond bad for you and causes weight gain. Hang in there. 3 and half more days to go…. If you have joined me late, you can read out the details that I shared on Day 0 of this diet plan. I cannot imagine food is worth dealing with those things any longer. !!!!! I’m going to do it again (after this past two months) and I was wondering — how often can I do this? Today is 4th day didn’t do much in the last 2 times years ago Is something wrong? looking forward for tomorrow wud be nice if i cud one more kg gone down.fingers crossed, do a 2 week gap and be careful to follow it a little closer . ok.. day 2 i ate only boiled cabbage and beet root with onion.. on day 3 i ate apple grapes and same vegetables. i m cranky. I am on Day 4 & doing well… down 6lbs. I am looking for potassium rich foods that I like as alternatives to the bananas for day 4. But don’t worry, just do your best. i dont like the wonder soup. GM Diet Non Veg: Does It Work? Thanks. 90.9 D4 I really not able to have milk, can I have any kind of health drink instead of milk. Beef – Day 5 can I have trout or chicken instead ? I am in a small town in germany and I can’t find skim milk of fat free yogurt. For tonight i’ll have a cabbage and cucumber soup. Today is my day 4. even I did not eat meat on day 3….nowhere does it say meat on day 3…only veg and fruits. Can we go for Lamb? Lunch: more strawberries, oranges and mango I am in my 5th day. I am on 4th day today n I dint loose any weight as of now. We are sure you are looking forward to Day 5th of GM Diet, which has some really “good” food for you instore. not on day 4, but you should be OK In a blender, mix all ingredients until a creamy, frothy shake is formed. 2 banana and Low fat 250ml milk heated through stove. Lunch – 1 banana + 1 glass of milk, 1 cup cappuccino Hi, I about to start day 4 and I haven’t lost any weight. thanks. Enjoy your food , Good morning, breakfast (banana and glass of milk) Now you have to restrict yourself to the amount of food intake. Am on day 3 today, weighed mysekf in the morning and baaam! Unless, cabbage soup is what you desire to eat for your lifetime. Im on day 4 and following the plan sternly.. For day 5, shall i have brown rice with chicken?? My mum made the soup and ended up making it too spicy. I even workout, I walk 30mins every morning…this is how I did it but no weight loss till now, is it changes come on day 8? Diets can vary, from experience I say once a month, your real test is what you do in between to me.